Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free These Actors!

You know, I was totally cool with the ABC mid-season cop show The Unusuals when it looked like a Harold Perrinau/Adam Goldberg buddy-cop series that I'd be comfortable ignoring. I like Harold and Adam fine, but not enough to watch them in a mid-season buddy cop series, and not enough to raise much of a fuss when I see them in a dead-end series. They'll find other ones.

But now I see that not only 28 Weeks Later cutie Jeremy Renner has been caught in this show's vortex of failure, but Amber Tamblyn as well. Not good news, guys. Renner needs to be in movies -- he's already gotten heaps of kudos for the upcoming The Hurt Locker -- not on barely-promoted mid-season cop shows. Tamblyn works better on TV, but you have to figure she can do better than this.


Brooke Cloudbuster said...

I miss Joan of Arcadia. I miss Mary Steenburgen. I miss Amber Tamblyn.

Gosh, this news depresses me.

Sandman said...

And what the hell kind of a name for a cop show is The Unusuals, anyhow? They're not cops with superpowers, are they? God.

Goldberg I can take or leave, but Perrineau can do better, and Tamblyn certainly can, and has.

Jennifer said...

I'd rather watch it if it WAS a cop show with superpowers, rather than "We're just weird."

I love Amber Tamblyn and would almost watch this show for her, but (a) the premise sounds stupid, and (b) I've had enough of Perrineau.

Bunting said...