Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trailer Trash Tuesday: Funny People

Okay, first thing off the bat: NO trailer should be three and a half minutes long and give away as much of the plot as this one does. I feel like I just saw a very entertaining little short film, but also that I can already map out the entire feature as I sit here. No good, trailer people.

As for the movie, I like what I see so far. Judd Apatow knows how to meld comedy with pathos and I have no doubt he has the chops to tell this story. This isn't a middle-aged guy trying to score for the first time or a pothead trying to come to grips with fatherhood; this is life and death and family and stand-up comedy. But I trust Apatow, I honestly do.

My worry is that the actual quality of the product is going to get swallowed up by the combined force of the impending Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen backlashes. And that the whole discussion of the film is going to get hijacked by fanboy wars. Which is too bad, because Funny People has the makings of one of the more interesting artistic stretches of the year.

I was iffier on the project before I saw this clip. Adam Sandler isn't going to blow the doors off any arthouses, but he can be properly utilized and corralled. And Leslie Mann looks completely fantastic and is probably my #1 reason to see the movie. After all that unexpected awards-season chatter that she got for Knocked Up (fruitless though it turned out to be), I think the sky's the limit for her here.

What did you guys think?

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JA said...

I can and have dealt fine with Adam Sandler once before, so I just keep whispering Punch Drunk Love, Punch Drunk Love to myself and it makes it better.