Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogcrushing Like Crazy

I had intended this post to simply be about one particular crush I've been nursing lately, but it soon exploded into a bacchanal or polyamorous blogcrushing. Shameless.

Anyway, here's a collection of things what I've been loving on the past week or so. The laziest motivation for a blog post ever? Perhaps. Read on.

The Initial Crush

So I saw of my own free will was dragged kicking and screaming to see Confessions of a Shopaholic last week, and while it was a decidedly middling effort (which wasn't bad considering the groaner of a premise), I came away thinking of nothing but Kristin Scott-Thomas's brief handful of scenes as a French fashion editor. She owns the film's one truly hilarious scene, a pas de deux between herself and a slice of upside-down cake that is distressingly too big. It's a total gem.

But I was already in a fairly KST-positive place, having just seen Four Weddings and a Funeral (for the first time!) the previous weekend. So every time Kristin popped onscreen, in my head I heard, "How's Duckface?" And I laughed and laughed.

Oh, and staying on the Shopaholic tip, a bit of a secondary crush for Hugh Dancy, who looked like this:

for a full hour and a half.

Musical Crush

Ever since the Grammys, I have been nursing a bit of an infatuation with Jennifer Nettles of the band Sugarland. I'm not a country music guy at all, so while I've heard of the band, I've never really listened to their stuff. But her performances (as well as her delightful personality) at the Grammys had me thinking I need to at least give her a shot, since I kind of think I want to be friends with her. And it would be rude not to know my friend's music.

I still haven't listened to Sugarland proper -- though Roommate Mark is apparently on the case -- but what I did do is go on a YouTube binge. And that's where I found Jennifer Nettles singing with Bon Jovi:

You guys? I LOVE her. It's not even such a transcendent performance (it's "Livin' on a Prayer," it doesn't have to be), it's just her total exuberance and joy. (Check out the clips for "It's My Life" and "Have a Nice Day" for more where that came from, including a shout out to "dangly bling.")

Ongoing Crush

Last night's viewing of Big Love just confirmed what I've been saying for two years (if not more): Amanda Seyfried is the shizz. Enjoying what is easily her best season on the show, Amanda's Sarah has been breaking my heart week-in, week-out (except for last week's Anna-marries-then-divorces-the-family episode, which was curiously crappy). But this week was the ultimate, with the unexpected glee at the idea of a night on the town with her dad to the totally crushing events of the last ten minutes, which took what might have been a cop-out and made it far too painful to be so. Plus she looked dynamite at the Oscars, no?

Musical Crush, Part 2

Have you ever re-discovered a song you loved maybe two years ago that had since fallen to the recesses of your iTunes library but now seems to shine all the brighter for its resilience? Like "Everlong," by the Foo Fighters, which I always forget how much I love it until I hear it again. So it is now with Brandi Carlile's "The Story," which I had completely forgotten until Frankie Jordan sang it on "Idol" (...minutes before she was eliminated). The official video is embed-disabled, but this live version loses almost none of the song's potency, despite the muddled sound quality.

Actual, No-Fooling Crush Object

No, for real, you guys, I think I may be in actual love with Luke from The Amazing Race. Which, by the way, everything you've heard about this season being the best in years is (thus far) 100% true. Particularly if you appreciate the humor in rolling wheels of cheese and cream-pie-in-the-face gags. (And as Krusty the Clown taught us, the pie bit only works if the sap's got dignity; CBS clearly listened, as these are among the most likeable set of teams ever.)

Anyway, back to Luke My Prospective Boyfriend. Adorable. Sweet. Good to his mom (when he's not rolling his eyes behind her back from time to time, which...who among us hasn't on a road trip, hey mom, love you!). Okay, he befriended the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, but none of us is perfect (and actually, they seem pretty okay, for Dolphins fans). And he took to the aforementioned cheese and cream pie challenges with the appropriate mix of dread, rueful enthusiasm, and licking. (Oh shut up, it was cream-pie filling.)

Seriously, though. I'm tempted to learn sign language so that if and when our paths ever cross, I will know the proper way to sign "I loved when you fell down that hill with the cheese, also will you marry me in Connecticut?"


Tara said...

My sister trained as an ASL interpreter for a while and said that Deaf people are very physically expressive, particularly in the face, to give nuance to their signing. So while Luke's eye-rolling and such might look over the top to a hearing audience, it could be unexceptional in the Deaf world.

Joe Reid said...

Oh, you will not hear me complaining about the eye-rolling. I thought it was adorable.

Stephanie said...

I too was lukewarm on Sugarland ("Stay" is good but the rest of their stuff is meh) until I watched her sing with Bon Jovi. That woman's voice is transcendant! It takes a special kind of persont to sing "It's My Life" without a hint of irony.

As an aside, those CMT Crossroads programs are some good television (the Taylor Swift/Def Leppard mashup aside... shudder). The Kelly Clarkson/Reba McEntire duo in particular is just joy in a bottle.

Maria said...

Joe, you and I have the same crushes again!

So glad you discovered Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland. I totally want to hang out with her. That entire Crossroads episode is awesome - they were all just a bunch of goofballs, having a ton of laughs and genuinely enjoying working together.

Oh, and what Stephanie said about the Kelly/Reba episode. Once you get past the distraction of Kelly's pants, it's fucking awesome.

Watching Luke and Margie on TAR makes me want to go back to my ASL classes, like, desperately. Stupid schedule conflicts!

Maria said...
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Vance said...

I can't believe you've never seen 4 Weddings until recently. So great!

LOVE Luke! and yah. I don't hate anybody on TAR yet. Shocking.

par3182 said...

every time four weddings.. is on tv i always watch just to see fiona tell charles she loves him. she's so guarded yet the tiniest bit hopeful; heartbreaking. especially following with "friends is good". my love for kristin scott thomas will never die while that scene exists (although charles is dead to me for the rest of the movie, chasing after the plank of wood that is andie macdowell)

amanda seyfried has now trumped chloe sevigny as my favourite actress on big love - man, there's a lot of women to love in that show

luke's a cutie, but his mom is the quiet star of that team

patty m. said...

LOVED Four Weddings, HATED Stupid Andie MacDowell. The poem at the funeral was so beautiful and sad that I tracked down a collection of W.H. Auden's poetry and committed the verse to memory.

Joe Reid said...

I seriously have a hard time imagining anyone watching Four Weddings and wanting Hugh to end up with Andie MacDowell.

Sandman said...

Just the way Fiona says "It's you, Charlie," rips my heart out of my chest. Four Weddings is a wonderful movie in a lot of ways, most of them having something do with KST. Almost everyone I know who's seen it has played some version of the "Who Would Have Made A Better Carrie Than The Plank?" Game. At first I wanted Charles and Fiona to end up together, but Fiona's too good for the clueless Charles. Also, I still call Anna Chancellor "Duckface!" every time she appears on my television.