Monday, January 19, 2009

The Week in TV

Big Love (1/18)
Holy hell, that was a lot of storyline being set up right there. But after almost a year and a half out of the Henrickson orbit, I was happy to reintroduce myself to everyone. Barb's cancer returning was a sucker punch, and her decision to respond to it by bringing Ana into the fold on her terms was typically affecting. As was Nicki's rooftop "confession" (where she looked to all the world like the Wicked Witch of the Prairies), which was one of those Nicki moments where she gets to be unexpectedly brave amid the sneakiness of her everyday life. Loved Teeny being a secret porn proprietress, loved everything about Sarah, loved the introduction of Bill's brother Frankie into the mix. I didn't love Ana being suddenly high and mighty about wanting to be able to sex up Barb's husband in private, and I also didn't like the way Lois was looking at Wanda's $2,000 parrot. Even crazier than usual. And poor Albie. Why can your attempts at dangerous, anonymous gay sex never go smoothly? Anyway, a big YAY to the return of Big Love.

Friday Night Lights (1/16)
You guys! Billy Riggins and Ole Sis are getting married!
You think it'll be weird when the bachelor and bachelorette parties run into each other at the strip club? Anyway, Tami Taylor remains the greatest person to ever walk the halls of Texas public education, and my heart kind of broke for "7" when that perfect new QB threw that purty looking touchdown. Wait a second...broken hearts, Tami being awesome, Ole show is back!!

Battlestar Galactica (1/16)
God, just a knockout episode -- SO great to have this show back, even if it's the beginning of the end. I was glad that they revealed the 12th Cylon early on because, to me, there are so many more pressing concerns. I'm totally fine with it being Ellen Tigh, by the way, particularly because clearly Starbuck is some kind of unknown 13th. As for Dee ... you knew something bad was happening as soon as they started focusing on her, but even still that moment was shocking and terribly sad.

30 Rock
Salma Hayek remains a weak cog in the machine (as she always is, everywhere), but that Mr. Templeton song kind of made up for it. And that Dunkin Donuts gag was brilliant.

The Office (1/15)
More of a plot episode than a joke episode, but it was a good one. Jim's line about a Dwight/Angela baby having a giant head and beet-stained teeth was choice, and Michael being praised for his work was a great change of pace.

Top Chef (1/14)
Okay, so I've finally figured out the competitive dynamic here: Hosea and Leah suck, while Stefan, Fabio, and Jamie are obnoxious but I love them, Carla is hootie-hoo crazy yet lovable, Radhika is a total sitting duck, and Jeff is an absolute tool

Scrubs (1/13)
That Courteney Cox thing came and went pretty quickly, didn't it? Loved the Carla/Blair scenes, though.

Bromance (1/12)
To anyone who questions the camp comic genius of this show, I have two words for you: shower scene. Please and thank you.

The City (1/12)
So, I kind of never pay attention to this show. It's on, and I'm looking at it, but I'm not sure how much of it ever gets absorbed. That said, I already know I prefer the Uptown Socials to the Downtown Hipsters.


Anonymous said...

Joe, are you watching Tool Academy?

Maria said...

I've always said I want to be Tami Taylor when I grow up. After this episode I amended that, adding it's not bad to get in touch with my inner Tyra Collette on the way. I love FNL so, so much.

I'm still processing Big Love, but yeah, that was a LOT in one episode. Poor Sara. She just needs to go to Santorini and marry a dreamy boy while everyone sings ABBA songs.

T-Square said...

Yup, we're pretty much exactly on the same page re: Top Chef, except I like Jamie slightly more.

Next week is so gonna suck for non-cooking drama - Hosea and Leah: Two Shitty Chefs, One Big Secret.