Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Trailer Trash Tuesday: Earth

After spending half of my Friday listening to this Sigur Ros song, I ventured out to see Frost/Nixon, and lo and behold was this trailer, featuring that very same song. So clearly I ended up much more inclined towards this movie than I originally would have been. Which isn't to say I wouldn't have been interested at all -- that shot of the shark at the beginning is gonna sell a lot of tickets, I bet.

So I don't know for 100% sure, but this appears to be a repackaging of the mega-super BBC documentary Planet Earth into something feature-film sized that can now run under Disney's new apparent nature-documentary banner. Hey, whatever works. This thing looks absolutely dazzling on the big screen, so it's worth whatever hoops had to get jumped through.

I'm not sure if it's the Disney effect at work or what, but there does seem to be some anthropomorphizing of the animals going on in the "story of three families" that they're touting. It doesn't seem as overt as, say, March of the Penguins, but it'll probably make Werner Herzog annoyed enough to go make another documentary about how much he hates people. (Said documentary will undoubtedly be terrific.)

I should also note the narrating being done by the illustrious James Earl Jones. I'm not sure what he had to do to wrest this gig out of Morgan Freeman's clenched fists, but I would kind of like to see a documentary about that. James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman battling each other for all the sweet voice-over gigs in Hollywood. Sounds like a winner of an idea to me.


Jay1 said...

i've also found myself interested in movies because the song in the trailer. i've also defended crappy movies just because i like the soundtrack. music is weird like that. also that sigur ros song is cool.

Tara said...

You should Netflix the Planet Earth series instead. It's incredible.

Tara said...

(And yes, it is a re-cut PE.)

Kris McN said...

Hmmm, interesting that they went with JEJ. Where's Sigourney Weaver?? She's the narrator on the American version of the PE
series. I'd have thought there'd be a Disney-Mother Earth-y - Lady voice moment for Sigourney.

I have a 4 year old, and the PE DVD set, so we watch it A LOT. But, I'd pay money to see the cave glo-worm footage on the big screen, for sure. I'm just grateful a penguin family isn't one of the ones featured! And I'd pay to see the JEJ v. Freeman doc as well.

Mark said...

Whoa...looks really brilliant. Yet, shoot me, but I found Planet Earth rather dull. But, I'm ignorant, so whatever.

And, yes, I am mildly obsessed with Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. What an epic song. The video is kinda funny, though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDxMQaMqsig

Joe Reid said...

Not only did Signourney Weaver get shoved aside, but there are trailers idential to this one with Patrick Stewart narrating, which makes me wonder if he voiced the British version. Either way, there was an epic Thunderdome, and the fat guy came out on top!

Kris McN said...

Patrick Stewart??? The Brit version has David Attenborough - The Voice of Nature! Sounds like there was a Brit Thunderdome and the bald guy won.