Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trailer Trash Tuesday: 500 Days of Summer

-- Joooey, who are both criminally adorable and also dynamite actors.
-- The voice-over. Not only does it make the trailer instantly distinctive (which too few trailers are) but it's also an interesting contrast to the wispy-lovely footage, which makes me think there's a brain behind all the romance.
-- The song, which is totally catchy and modern and unsentimental (which, again, provides much-appreciated contrast) and which reminds me of the Garden State trailer, which by the way I loved.
-- The dance sequence and the many Zooeys on the bus, evoking the kind of Michel Gondry-style whimsy I can get onboard with.
-- It looks like we get to see Zooey sing.

-- Zooey's character is named "Summer," making the film's title an unfortunate pun.
-- The animated bird in the dance sequence, suggesting an Uncle-Remus-by-Disney style whimsy that I'm kind of not down with (exception noted: Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor).

As you can see, that ledger comes down firmly on the "pro" side. The movie opens July 24 -- I'll be there.

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Stephanie said...

Pro: That shot of JGL putting his shirt on at 0:47, implying that he was shirtless beforehand.