Monday, January 19, 2009

'Round Springfield XXVII: Fake Movie Awards Edition

Seems like everybody's caught the movie awards fever, what with the Oscar nominations just a few days away. Mine will be up by Wednesday, but for now, take a look at some of my blog pals and their choices for the best of the year:

Nathaniel's annual Film Bitch awards are in full swing at the Film Experience. Today, he unveiled his Best Actress lineup, which (SPOILER) bears a striking resemblance to my own Best Actress lineup. A fact we both kind of stumbled upon in conversation, after which I momentarily considered switching mine up because I am SO invested in being a unique snowflake in the movie blog universe. Whatever, go read Nat, he's bril.

StinkyLulu continues his quest to be the internet's foremost authority on supporting actresses (which, um, he kind of already is) by presenting his first-annual LULUs recognizing the year's best secondary actressing.

Roommate Mark begins to unveil his dream Oscar ballot, starting with the supporting performers.

And finally, this was last week, but My New Plaid Pants offered the Golden Trousers awards for 2008, which utterly put anything I was planning to write to shame, to the point where I wonder why I'm even going to bother. So, you know, thanks?

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JA said...

You're welcome, Joe! I live to breed stifling insecurities in my friends, ya know.

Or you could just DO IT. ;-)