Thursday, January 08, 2009

'Round Springfield XXVI

Okay, what the hell, universe? For like three years now the only people I know who have continued to watch The Real World are me, Sarah, and Sarah. And not only did nobody else watch it, but I got this constant barrage of "oh, is that show still on?" condescension from everybody. From people who watch Rock of Love Bus, right? Which: fine. I can't defend the show on any kind of merit. (Not like the Challenge, which I totally defend on its copious merits.) But so, today, imagine my surprise when the first topic on everybody's mind is last night's premiere of The Real World: Brooklyn? When did the memo go out to everybody to start watching the show again? (Or is it that everybody has been watching the show all along and feigning ignorance about it?) Of course, I allow the show to sit on my DVR for ONE NIGHT, and all of a sudden I'm shut out of the hot dish this morning. This is bullshit, you guys. Anyway, check out the recap from Rich at FourFour and hopefully I'll be back with my thoughts tomorrow. When everybody will surely be talking about something else.

If you're one of the three people who check out Low Res for my unparalleled sports coverage (ahem), you'll enjoy me and Bootleg Cam'Ron batting around the Yankees' Mark Teixeira signing. It's not so much a point/counterpoint, since we kind of agree on the main points. But come for the unabashed Red Sox hatred (mine) and backhanded Yankee compliments (Cam)!

Best Week Ever offers their choices for best movies of the year, and in the process, the ever-awesome Michelle Collins totally casually name-drops a casual pub encounter with the equally ever-awesome Rebecca Hall. I'm so jealous I can barely type.

My boy Jason migrated over to The Film Experience today to sing the praises of birthday girl Sarah Polley. And put about a dozen quotes from Go into my head in the process. She's not a pro, just a top-seeded amateur, after all.

Finally, just so you know I haven't given up entirely on Deadpsin, Gawker media's increasingly fratty sports blog, I'll direct you to the finals of their Sports Human of the Year poll, pitting celebrated ranting crumudgeon Buzz Bissinger against the reason I have to get up every morning, Baby Mangino. I love you, Baby Mangino!


JA said...

Scott from Real World: Brooklyn is in my office right now. He's funny looking.

Joe Reid said...

a) Which one is Scott, I still haven't watched the premiere. And b) do NOT tell me you're on the bandwagon now too.

JA said...

No, I haven't watched it, I just heard the casting guy in my office talking to this guy Scott (who apparently is a model) about the show. I will admit that Rich's piece at FourFour stoked my curiosity, and I might be able to be pulled back into the orbit of RW if they actually cast people with personalities for a change and not just boozing sluts, but I really have so little faith in the people running that show that I'm sure this cast will reveal themselves to be nothing but boozing sluts come any minute now. I loved Real World right up through Hawaii, I did, but then something died. I think graduating from college killed it, actually.

JA said...

Oh, and here are a bunch of half-naked beefcake-y pictures of this Scott fellow. I maintain that he is funny looking.

Joe Reid said...

Not only is he funny looking, but he's boring as shit.