Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Goods on In Treatment Season 2

Many thanks to Alan Sepinwall, who reported on the changes in store for the second season of In Treatment on HBO. Sez Alan:
So, as we begin the new season, Paul's marriage is over (though Michelle Forbes will appear at some point), he's being sued for negligence by Alex's father (which means more of the amazing Glynn Turman), and he's moved to Brooklyn. The new patients include Hope Davis as a tightly-wound lawyer (who's also representing Paul in the negligence case), Aaron Shaw as an 11-year-old struggling to cope with his parents' impending divorce, Alison Pill as a young woman who doesn't want to accept her cancer diagnosis, and John Mahoney as a CEO who's having trouble sleeping.
I had assumed Paul would have new patients, given the fates of Blair Underwood and Melissa George's characters. But I will be sad to lose the sessions with Sophie (Mia Wasikowska) and Jake (Josh Charles). That said, I like Hope Davis (even if "tightly wound lawyer" isn't exactly a departure for her), and I'm really into Alison Pill (Milk) these days. Dianne Weist will be back for Gina's weekly sessions with Paul, which is great. And good to hear Michelle Forbes will be taking time off from being a freaky flickering SOMETHING on True Blood to play Paul's wife some more. All good things.

Season two returns in April, and the schedule will be a bit different:
Instead of one episode per night, Monday to Friday, HBO's going to air two on Sunday nights and three on Monday nights, because their research showed that people tended to watch the show in chunks anyway.
Considering I watched all of Season 1 via On Demand, I can't argue with that conclusion.
Anyway, I can't wait for this show to come back. Has anybody else picked up the show On Demand since I watched over the summer?

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