Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I guess my question as to whether, now that she's broken up with Marilyn Manson, I can go back to not being creeped out by Evan Rachel Wood _more than the usual, acceptable levels of being creeped out by Evan Rachel Wood -- i.e., that she's a dead-eyed, bloodless minion of the Prince of Lies), has been officially answered. With a resounding NO. Because: ACK!

Sadder still, I can't tell whether this helps Mickey's Oscar campaign or hurts it. Certainly the five clones of Karl Malden would approve.


pvt. awesome said...

To borrow a phrase that is was out of style before she was in kindergarten - she is so grody! And since I'm bashing ERW, I might as well mention that I can't stand her acting. While watching her I am always keenly aware that she is, in fact, acting.

Pamela said...

Oh, how I miss the Fametracker forums.

Sally Belle said...

Sure....always bash the woman. Men are just misuderstood geniuses, women are sluts.

Listen...Wood is not dating Rourke...he has said, she has said...he said he respects her as an actor...she said they are friends...what is your problem?

Rourke is also friends with Downey Jr and Sean Penn are they aaaaack too? Oh, right, penises...they're okay.

All this gossip and made up smut is ruining the movie business. Don't encourage it please.