Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Your 2008 Summer Song Today: F*ck You, Kid Rock

[Roommate Mark, of The Critical Condition fame, joins me in putting this Song of the Summer issue to bed once and for all. This is Part 3 -- please to enjoy Part 1 and Part 2 as well.]


Well, I’m sure Brandon Flowers can handle the SISSY title, but after working out to The Killers’ “Human” yesterday, I just don’t think we can give that song the crown. It’s too autumnal… too lush and lovely to be a summer anthem.

But I think we’ve been dancing around the truth anyway. Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” has the season right there in its title, and it was the biggest cross-format hit on radio this year. Country stations, rock stations, and pop stations were all on board. I don’t love that song, but millions of people do. Could that be our SISSY?Hm… I’m gonna say no. Curse my passion if you must, but I just can’t award a track I don’t love. So I’m throwing my weight behind “Live Your Life.” T.I. will just have to buck up and accept it: For me, he’s the biggest SISSY of the year.


You sort of dangled Kid Rock out there in front of me and then snatched him away, didn’t you? Kind of like a matador with a big red cape. Because for me, no cape is redder than that of Kid Rock. HATE. Hate the surly attitude, hate the shitkicker/hood-rat poses, hate the faux sentimentality of “Picture,” hate “Picture” in its entirety, hate Hepatitis C, hate all of it. And I really hate the “Sweet Home Alabama” riffing in “All Summer Long.” I have no doubt that was really the song that shaped his teen years, but that just makes me hate him more. Does your conscience bother YOU, Kid Rock, as you’re trading on hip-hop culture while waving the flag of a stars-n-bars band like Skynyrd?

Anyway … I think what I’m saying is: we agree “All Summer Long” is out of the running.
And I respect and applaud your ultimate choice of “Live Your Life” as the top SISSY. It’s up there for me. In the end, though, I think I have to go with the pop culture penetration of Beyonce on this one. “Single Ladies” woulda been audible from every street corner, front porch, and patio bar in North America had it been given a proper summer run. It is, ultimately, SISSY Fierce.

[If you're in the New York City area and are down for some southern hospitality, gossip, and a bit o' nog, you can check out Mark in Ruth and Esther's Egg Nog Revue this Sunday at Ars Nova.]


Julia C said...

I have extra hate for that Kid Rock song because the opening rift is TOTALLY Werewolves of London, and every time I hear it I get all excited, hoping that I can sing about a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's, and then I have to hear his bullshit.

And then nobody BELIEVES me that it's Werewolves of London, and says that it is Sweet Home Alabama. And it is BOTH. HATE.

Mathan said...

What's really funny is that I've managed to avoid all of these songs because I've got no tolerance for the radio.

But I'm sure that I'd hate Kid Rock's song as much as everyone else, if I'd heard it.

Jenny said...

THANK YOU, Julia C. It is absolutely Werewolves of London; I was coming here to comment the same comment. Kid Rock should be allowed nowhere near Warren Zevon music.

Julia said...

Hate hate hate the Kid Rock song.

Love love love The Killers, but Human is by no means anywhere near their best tune, and didn't really get enough play (at least around here) to be *the* song of the summer.

In these parts, seems like it was probably Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." Light and fluffy = summer song.

jessica said...

Yes, Kid Rock totally riffed "Werewolves of London." It drives me crazy. I know at least one other person who hears it too, so we are not alone. We are four strong!

I'm okay with "Single Ladies" winning, and I like Pink's "So What" too. Good songs all around.