Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trailer Trash Tuesday: Fanboys

You may or may not know the story behind this, but basically this movie has been kicking around in development and beyond for a few years now. The original plot involved a group of fanboy friends in 1999 who endeavored to break into the Skywalker Ranch and steal a print of Episode 1 before their cancer-stricken friend died. Then Harvey Weinstein acquired it, decided the whole cancer thing was a bummer, and decided to re-cut it into a spoof-heavy movie that just cracked on Star Wars geeks for an hour and a half.

Funny it should happen, then, that this move would enrage actual fanboys, and before the Cheeto-dust-covered fingertips could even type out the Aint It Cool News URL, a geek boycott was planned. Eventually, Harvey caved to the pressure and it seems like the original concept of the movie is being allowed into theatres.

You just wouldn't know it by watching this trailer.

Everything we see here points towards exactly the kind of Epic-Movie-style gag-fest strung out across eighty minutes that Harvey apparently wanted. I guess he was willing to bend on the movie but not the marketing. The sad thing is that anybody who was willing to take a chance on the movie based on the premise is going to be turned away by this clip. They don't even have the decency to spotlight Jay Baruchel and Kristen Bell properly. Never trust a movie that doesn't know enough to feature its best actors.

I do appreciate how upfront the trailer is about the blatant courting of the geek community. Nothing wrong with that, that's why the movie exists after all. And they're fairly clever in listing the cameos (identifying Kevin Smith as "the guy from Die Hard 4 is pretty funny). Of course, I can never feel 100% about a trailer that presents a Harry Knowles cameo like it's Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar. AND ANOTHER THING, why does Kristen Bell not merit introduction as "the girl from Veronica Mars"? That seems like a misread of the geek community, doesn't it?

On the positive tip, many props for using Spacehog's "In the Meantime" at the end there. Man, does that song just pull me right back into 1995. I kind of want to give the music supervisor a big hug for that.

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