Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Round Springfield XXXV

The Onion AV Club bestows its year-end Best Of list for movies. The top 5 looks awfully similar to where my own list currently sits, if shuffled around a bit. This isn't too surprising for me -- I've said for a few years now that the AV Club comes the closest to my own taste among mainstream critics. Also, check out their Worst of the Year list to see an almost exact reiteration of my issues with the acting in The Happening.

Roommate Mark takes on the dubious, yet frustratingly effective, marketing campaign for Seven Pounds. I kind of need to see it too, and that really makes me mad.

Tapeworthy rings the bell for the final episodes of the unfortunately canceled Eli Stone. I'm a few episodes behind, but I'm totally bummed regardless.

And finally, Sarah Bunting breaks up with Life on Mars for being too much like Cold Case and yet not enough like Cold Case, if you get what I mean. And, oh yeah, she totally whoops the shit out of melanoma. YEAH!


Kris McN said...

Hey Joe, what gives with your silence on Burn After Reading? After posting the trailer and building anticipation toward it's release ... nothing. I've been waiting to hear your take. No Capsule Review, no Recently Viewed. Did I miss it somehow? Did you post it on some other blog?

Joe Reid said...

Huh. I guess I didn't. I liked it. Thought Brad Pitt was hilarious, John Malkovich too. I'd actually like to see it again and then evaluate it. I saw it back-to-back with The Duchess, and that movie kind of beat the will to comment right out of me.

Kris McN said...

Damn that Keira Knightley!

Sandman said...

While I barely escaped Atonement with the will to live. I'd like to know your take on Burn After Reading at some point, as well.