Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Round Springfield XXXIV

Tara talks about how insufferable Oprah's been getting now that she's pretending that she's right here in the thick of the recession with us, yet how her newly-resurrected weight issues bind her to the rest of us anyway.

Friend of Low Res Marc Hirsh had an NPR song of the day dedicated to high-school icon of Low Res Tori Amos. I don't 100% agree with the take, but that's mostly because I enjoyed most of Tori's descent down her faerie-dust-sprinkled rabbit hole, and I certainly can't expect everyone to have done the same. "Winter" is a great song, and I will totally co-sign that it was a career high point. Also, feel free to read down into the comments for an illustration of why I hatehateHATE most music snobs (and internet commenters). (Not you guys.) (For real.)

I will gladly self-promote my work at SOAPnet, particularly so that you all can be caught up at the latest goings on with one Mr. Tom Cruise. His latest antics are more endearingly awkward (oh, Tom) than horrifically cringeworthy, but still: I'm not sure what's more embarassing: Tom Cruise addressing a framed photo of Spencer Pratt, or the fact that Tom Cruise lost his Blackberry at a taping of Entertainment Tonight Canada. (Doesn't it seem like Robin Sherbotsky would be a lock to host that show were she a real person?)

Finally, if you're a fan of movie awards season and you're not following this week's avalanche of precursor awards at The Film Experience, well ... why the hell not? Go!

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Mike said...

Re: Tori Amos on NPR

Was it the Kant reference in the comments? Because for me, it was the Kant reference.

This didn't help either: "tom is baffled by people enraptured by the very slight. me too."