Wednesday, December 03, 2008

'Round Springfield XXXIII: Read, Post, or Argue

My New Plaid Pants plays the Do, Dump, or Marry game with three of Baz Luhrman's most lusted-after leading men: Romeo (Leo DiCaprio), Moulin Rouge!'s Christian (Ewan McGregor), and Australia's Drover (Hugh Jackman). Click on over and state your preferences. (I'm doing Romeo, marrying the Drover, and dumping Christian, for what it's worth.)

In Contention passes on a snippet of a Frank Langella interview in which the Frost/Nixon star makes me really like him for probably the first time ever. And yes, it's because he talks about his role as Skeletor in The Masters of the Universe. God bless the actors who refuse to act ashamed about the blemishes on their IMDb page. Seriously, I bet even Dolph Lundgren acts embarassed about Masters of the Universe, but what does he know?

Roommate Mark makes the case for Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" as the only significant Christmas song of the last two decades plus. Somebody please back me up on the Darlene Love issue I raise in the comments!

And finally, it seems Vulture stepped in it when they made a casual, vaguely dismissive mention of the musical legacy of Third Eye Blind. Having lived with perhaps the world's biggest 3EB fan in college (shout out, John Taylor, if you ever come across this blog!), I can recognize the can of worms Vulture's opened. (And if I'm being honest, their lead singer was a dickbag, but Third Eye Blind had some good hits. I'm just saying.)

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The Bloody Munchkin said...

As an aside, wasn't Mariah Carey's christmas hit, written by of all people Dee Snider??? Aw, the wacky world in which we live...