Tuesday, December 23, 2008


MTV has announced 16 new reality shows which will premiere in the first quarter of 2009, and NOT ONE of them is a second season of The Paper. I am disgusted. Amanda Lorber, I am certain, is disgusted. Trevor and Giana are disgusted. And Adam Brock is most certainly disgusted. (Though Adam will probably be joining me in watching Bromance.)

You guys, remember how great The Paper was? I think I'm starting to forget. Can I get a DVD release, MTV? Must you continue to torment me?? I will totally watch The City!


Evyatar said...

I just found out The Paper is airing here in sunny , hopeful Israel. It's on the kids channel, which has the strange tendency to once every so often buy something immensely inappropriate and amazing (they aired Clone High at 19:30 pm. Like, after Pokemon).

I am happy to report that the MICHAEL JAN episode is still amazing, and probably always will be.

Joe Reid said...

God, that makes me feel so happy.

And I almost mentioned MICHAEL JAN in the post, but I didn't think anyone would remember him.

Beth said...

I still have The Paper as a Season Pass, in hopes that one day it will come back.

pikajew said...

Who can forget MICHAEL JAN? I'm sure he's disgusted as well.