Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Observe... Jon Stewart SCHOOLS THE SHIT out of Mike Huckabee (who, not to be uncharitable, has clearly been eating his feelings since losing the nomination to McCain).

Yeah, yeah, how utterly radical of me to come down on the side on Jon Stewart's awesomeness. Whatever, so long as so many people in this country insist on being dead-ass fucking wrong, it's still going to be important to continually point that dead-ass fucking wrongness out.


Linda said...

Yeah, maybe it's unsurprising for you to say so, but I thought Stewart was straightforward, civil, unbending, rational, and passionate in making that argument, and it's incredibly depressing how rare it is to see that happen. He just forced Huckabee to say "because I say so," pretty much over and over again, pointing out that you can't make the history argument, you can't make the argument that it hurts you, you can't claim you're not taking people's rights away, so if you're going to make it "because I say so," then just say "because I say so." So Huckabee did, and it pretty much forced Huckabee into a position where he pretty much said, "I'm right because my side is in the majority, and I really have no other reason." Every little bit counts, and I think that interview was really impressive.

Carol Elaine said...

This is reason #954 why Jon Stewart is my pretend boyfriend.

"Lady" Bea said...

I adore that man. (Jon Stewart, not Mike Huckabee)

It's amazing how he can be so measured, respectful and rational during these sorts of conversations. I would certainly not be able to accomplish that and indeed, couldn't refrain from arguing with the Huckabee on my computer screen. The part where Jon said that he wasn't calling him homophobic? My answer was, "BUT I AM, JON. I AM CALLING HIM HOMOPHOBIC."

jessica said...

Jon Stewart is totally MY television boyfriend, Carol Elaine.

Seriously, I love what Stewart and his crew do so much. They always seem to come to these issues with very sound logic, so whether they're measured and straightforward like this interview, or rakishly calling out the absurd silliness of a situation, I can't help but be impressed with them.

I also can't say I trust Huckabee's rationale of "68% of the American population." I'm sure he's crunched the numbers better than I have, but it seems to me the victories for the opposition have been by very slim margins in most of the larger states. The states that have had more of a landslide ban are those with far fewer people. To say nearly 7 out of every 10 people in this entire country would not support a gay couple being married under the law -- and therefore provided basic things like shared health coverage, tax filing status, and in many cases assumed survivorship transfer of assets -- feels, to me, rather inflated.

My major beef with Huckabee's argument, however, is the backwards notion that we're somehow trying to "undo" the entire societal structure and definition of marriage. I don't think that's true at all. I think homosexuals want to keep the basic definition and practice of marriage exactly the same -- they just wanted to be included in it. It doesn't destroy our culture, it enhances it.

gina said...

The most impressive thing to me is how calm Stewart remains. When I watch these arguments, I always get so angry. I would never be able to stay so steady, and that steadiness is the way to win the argument. I heart Jon Stewart so much it's ridiculous.