Monday, December 15, 2008

Golden Globes FUNcast!

I took part in a post-Golden Globes podcast with my esteemed friend and colleague Nathaniel at The Film Experience, and he posted the audio this weekend. Please do go click over there, listen, and comment. Not my finest hour, perhaps, due to poor telephonics on my end and my regrettable tendency to bury my punch lines in Garofalo-eqsue trailing off. WHY do I do that? Stupid lingering insecurity issues. The bright side is that my co-podcasters, Nathaniel, Nick, and Katie, are absolutely superb (and you can hear them as clear as a bell), and all in all it was a blast to record.

ANYway, tune in to hear me croak out my thoughts on the Clint Eastwood Awards, sad Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz fatigue, maybe the most wide-open Best Actor and Best Picture races I can remember.

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