Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brief Thoughts On...

...the Golden Globe nominations:

-- Heck Yeah (!) for three (three!) nominations for In Bruges, (Best Actor for Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, and Best Picture Musical/Comedy). Even at this late stage, it's one of my top two or three movies of the year. There's probably no chance any of them take the inanimate fucking object home with them on Globe night, but it good recognition.

-- James Franco for Pineapple Express (but not Milk) manages to be not only kind of correct, but also the good kind of weird surprise the Globes tend to deliver.

-- Tom Cruise for his cameo-on-uppers in Tropic Thunder? That's the bad kind of weird the Globes tend to deliver.

-- A hearty FUCK YOU for categorizing last month's 24: Redemption as a TV movie (rather than the first episode in this coming season) just so they could have another chance to suck Keifer's dick, particularly when Battlestar Galactica: Razor wasn't given the same benefit (Michelle Forbes will have your balls for this, HFPA).

-- Four acting nominations for In Treatment certainly sounds like something I'd love, but when two of them are for Melissa George and Blair Underwood (rather than the infinitely more worthy Mia Wasikowska and Josh Charles), my parade gets rained on.

-- Much love for Rebecca Hall's nomination for Vicky Christina Barcelona. Love her lots.

-- Happiest nomination from pay cable: True Blood for Best Drama Series. Angriest nomination from pay cable: Kevin Connolly for Entourage.

-- And good for January Jones for getting some love for Mad Men. I just watched Love, Actually again a couple weeks ago and was pleased to recall her as one of the four American girls so enamored with that doofy British guy. Snubbed there (tragically) but rewarded now!


Kaitlyn Gumpper said...

"Carol Ann, this is Colin. He's from England." When I first started watching Mad Men, I could recognize her voice from the weakest subplot of the greatest contemporary Christmas movie ever.

I agree - did people just skip the Wednesday installments of In Treatment? Mia Wasikowska was really a revelation in the role and I hate that she's overlooked!

JA said...

They're filming midgets!

Mark Blankenship said...

So you think Franco was more deserving for Pineapple Express than Milk? Tell me more! I didn't see P.E., but I thought he was pretty great in Milk.

I agree with you about Tom Cruise. If he gets an award for screaming obscenities and dancing like his crotch hurts, then we should retroactively deliver a Nobel Prize to the "franks and beans" guy from There's Something About Mary

Joe Reid said...

It's probably a question of relativity, Mark. I thought Franco was fine (and fiiiiine) in Milk but that he also wasn't given a whole heck of a lot to do (or maybe I just wish he'd been given more varied things to do). Whereas he totally carries Pineapple Express. It's an inferior movie to Milk but he's completely touching and hilarious -- like a more lighthearted version of his Freaks and Geeks character.

Vance said...

I'm actually okay with Connoly for Entourage. I think he's the best part of the show (yes, over Piven). Okay, maybe not as great as Lloyd.

Joe Reid said...

I hate that show, so I'm probably not the best one to ask. But even for a show I hate, I hate that guy. But yeah, Piven might be worse.

adam k. said...

Franco should've been nominated for both!

I agree that Razor really should've been classified as a TV movie, and that Michelle Forbes totally should've gotten a supporting nomination. I'll also raise you a lead nom for what's-her-name who played Kendra Shaw. She was amazing.

But then, they wouldn't have been nominated anyway, since BSG never gets any respect. Damn it all.