Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Always Knew Broadway Was Full of Gays

Tonight, we all helped prove it (and we shut that mother down!). We managed to be spirited but not volatile. Fed up but not petty. And no one got run over by a cab (though it was looking pretty dicey at 65th and Columbus).

Pics of tonight's protest/march for marriage equality (and taxing the churches who would strip us of our rights), including these first two where I essentially stalked Dan Savage (he totally doesn't mind, I'm sure):


Vance said...

That is awesome! (not that we still have to fight for marriage rights cause thats just lame but awesome that the gays are angry and we are finally doing something about it!)

I would stalk Dan Savage too. I think my whole philosophy of life comes from him.

Linda said...

Good for you, Venti. I'm glad you went, glad you got to stalk Dan Savage, and glad it was peaceful but powerful.

And? Awesome headline.

zooplah said...

Cool, you got photos of a couple cute guys :)