Monday, November 17, 2008

'Round Springfield XXXII

First of all, get thee-selves over to Roommate Mark's blog, The Critical Condition, to get my take on the Frost/Nixon trailer and its lack of impulse control when it comes to music selections.


The Film Experience has a new podcast up in which m'boy Nat chats up Happy Go Lucky star Sally Hawkins. Who seems totally delightful, by the way. Still haven't seen her movie, but perhaps this week.

And speaking of Nathaniel, he and Nick Davis present the latest episode in their utterly addictive series Best Picture From the Outside In. This installment features The English Patient and Gone with the Wind, which is just a whole lotta movie, right there. Love, love, love these posts.

Finally, The Onion A.V. Club tackles the issue of albums that have provoked the most musical argumnents. The A.V. Club is always a great read, and this time around it's especially nice because they manage to take up such unpopular (in cooler-than-thou music writers' circles) causes as Justin Timberlake and Fall Out Boy.

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