Friday, November 14, 2008

'Round Springfield XXXI

By the by, if you're looking for stills from that new Watchmen trailer, Jason's got some at My New Plaid Pants.

The saddest news I've heard today is that Fire Joe Morgan just posted their swan song. Does this mean Cousin Mose is about to get a big ol' storyline on The Office?? That'd be the only consolation I'd accept. Godspeed, you angry little stat monkeys. Hey Cam'ron, I think I see a void on the web you're perfectly suited to fill!

Jezebel comments on the historic appointment of the first female four-star general. She's incredibly admirable and she mentions the doors that were opened before her, but I can't help noticing that she fails to give credit to one of the true pioneers in her field:

And finally, I need to pose this question to you all. Is this commercial the best work Brooke Shields has done in her entire career? Because I kind of think it is.


jam said...

Re: Brooke Shields -- yes. I always felt fairly ambivalent about her existence before (except when she basically called Tom Cruise a wacko nutjob in re: post-partum depression, existence and treatment thereof -- that was great), but I do like these commercials. So sincere!

Sarah said...

re: FJM -- nooooooooooooooo!

jessica said...

Yeah, Brooke Shields has never been better in her life than she is hawking Volkswagons.

Don't be like Becky. Have a baby for love.

Jessica said...

I love Brooke, I can't help it. Those ads are gold.

JA said...

I love this Brooke renaissance we're getting now with her having discovered her inner Giant (as in size-wise) Bitch (as in bitch-wise). Besides these ads, see also: Midnight Meat Train. It's a winning look for her.

Omar said...

I kind of have a huge crush on her now, which hasn't happened since I was like 11 or 12.