Friday, November 14, 2008

New, NEW Watchmen Trailer

It won't embed for me, so just watch it here.

If the teaser trailer released last summer -- all vague-yet-iconic images of the characters, no real explanation as to WTF is going on -- was to get the hardcore fans fired up, then this clip is definitely geared towards pulling in the uninitiated. It's the smart marketing decision to make, and you know how I love smart marketing decisions, but I can't help but prefer the earlier, Smashing Pumpkins-scored teaser. It's just too hard to condense this plot into two and a half minutes without sounding crazy.

That's not to say that there wasn't much to love. Patrick Wilson as the dowdier version of Dan Drieberg was unrecognizable at first (which means he's playing it right), and the music at the end is already growing on me after only a couple listens (I'm sure some kind soul here will enlighten me on the song title). I was a bit weirded out to find that Dr. Manhattan's voice is gonna sound just like regular Billy Crudup. I had always imagined his voice had an otherworldly echo to it. But honestly, if making me listen to Billy Crudup talk to me for a couple hours is the worst thing this movie does? I'll be fine.

Your thoughts?

P.S. I know I have been unforgivably derelict in getting the last of the Watchmen book club entires up. I will get something up this weekend, I promise.


jeanjeanie said...

Muse, "Take a Bow," from Black Holes & Revelations. I love love LOVE that entire album.

Omar said...

Wow. Impressive. Wasn't the music in the first half the same bit they used in the "Grand Theft Auto 4" ads?

Glark said...

The visuals kinda bounce from neato-almost-real to ugh, too unread and Ozy seems too thin and too young. I want to see this movie a lot but I really wish it was an HBO miniseries instead. The more I hear about the changes being made the less powerful it seems.