Friday, November 14, 2008

Message Board/Blog Comment of the Day

I'd do more of these except for how fucking depressing it is to read message boards and comment threads for more than a minute and a half. Anyway, I was perusing through the Vulture archives, trying to decide whether I thought their running David Archuleta Fan/David Cook Hater commentary was 100% tongue in cheek or based on actual events (I can never quite tell how not serious they're being), when I came across this update about Mssr. Cook, via one of the comments:

"David lost respect from many of his fans when he started dating kim caldwell."
That? Is DELICIOUS. On so many levels. As straight-up fan obsession, for one. That the Idol fanbase still hasn't given up its psychotic hard-on for hating Kimberly Caldwell for another (it's been, like, six years, people; she was pretty and blonde, and i know how offensive that is, but it's over now). That the fans got all Claymate on David's ass and turned on him when he destroyed the fantasy that he'd one day turn his sensitive-rocker, kohl-eyed gaze their way. The use of "lost respect" as a way of gussying up their psycho-stalker tendencies so that it seems like a matter of morality and ethics that David Cook will not be fucking them anytime soon.

This is why I'm gonna continue to write about American Idol even though i won't be getting paid for it anymore.


Travis said...

Did you answer your question, though, about the level of Cook/Archuleta sincerity at Vulture?

Because that's been bugging me too. It's similar to how I can't make up my mind about the percentage of non-reality on The Hills: 100%? Or very, very close to 100%?

Oh, and isn't the mere fact that Cook is dating Caldwell kind of delicious on a whole other level by itself?

Mark Blankenship said...

Dear Joe,

This bit of writing delighted me:

"He destroyed the fantasy that he'd one day turn his sensitive-rocker, kohl-eyed gaze their way."

Thank you,

Rommate Mark

Mark Blankenship said...

Dammit, I meant "Roommate Mark." With two Os.

Joe Reid said...

Travis: I think the Archuleta enthusiasm is almost entirely facetious. As for Cook, the hatred is over the top, but my guess is they don't care for him much either.

Mark: Thanks!