Sunday, November 30, 2008

Familiar Faces

I'm catching up on my Eli Stone (which sadly got its plug pulled last week), and the 11/18 episode was maybe my favorite of the season (up there with the Katie Holmes episode). In addition to the episode succeeding on its own merits, it featured a barrage of guest stars. Steven Culp is always a welcome addition to any show, and it's a hell of a coup to have nabbed Taraji P. Henson as Patti's daughter. The fact that both appear to be down for longer-term arcs is even better.

But my favorite part may have been seeing Weeds' Tonye Patano guesting as a judge. The sight of Heylia James ruling on a case about medical marijuana was a great inside joke, intentional or not. It also reminded me of how much this season of Weeds suffered for the absence of Heylia and Conrad. And how I kind of want to be Heylia James when I grow up.

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Mathan said...

Yeah, this past season of Weeds was a bumpy one, but I thought that it leveled out nicely despite the lack of Heylia and Conrad. I still cared about the Botwins and things really ramped up as the season went on.