Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UPDATE: Tomato Nation/Program Low Res For a Day Contest(s)

Hey guys! So here's where we are:

Sarah's Donor's Choose Drive is pushing up on $73,000. At $75,000, we get a $12,500 matching donation. And that puts us in striking distance $100k, at which point there will be tomato dancing.

So if you haven't yet donated, I'm gonna bug you about it one more time. Current projects waiting to be funded: classic literature, geology, digital animation, bowling, basketball, and dance. DANCE! Won't you let the children dance??

And need I remind you that I'm still looking for readers to boss me around for a day? So when you donate, forward me the receipt and your name goes into the drawing to program Low Res for a day. I'm already half-regretting making this promise, so please donate and make sure I fully regret it. Many thanks!

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