Friday, October 24, 2008

Smooth Joey Apollo's 2008 NFL Picks: Week 8

Last week:
Aaron: 12-2 (1-0 vs. the spread)
Joe: 11-3 (1-0 vs. the spread)

Season To Date:
Aaron: 64-38 (4-3 vs. the spread)
Joe: 64-38 (4-3 vs. the spread)


Oakland at Baltimore
Aaron: Kudos to Joe for nailing last week's surprising Raiders' win -- right down to the crappiness of the game and field goal-y finish. Please drop some identical predictive ju-ju this week, Reid. Pick: Baltimore

Joe: While I would love picking against the Ravens this week (or any week), the Raiders did look pretty bad in winning last week, and to make matters worse, Willis McGahee seems back to his old self. Better stock up on prenatal vitamins, single women of Baltimore! Pick: Baltimore

Arizona at Carolina

Aaron: I'm not sure if that whole "West Coast team travels to East Coast" syndrome has any merit, but this season it sure looks legit. Of course, this includes teams like Oakland and Seattle. And, Arizona isn't really West Coast… Pick: Carolina

Joe: Considering said syndrome has become the latest de rigueur excuse to pooh-pooh the Bills' latest win over a decent team, I agree, it's bunk. Ish. All eyes on Anquan Boldin this week as his comeback from broken-face surgery is gonna be a game-time decision. Not like any fantasy owners have to make a decision between him and backup Steve Breaston before game time or anything. I really like the Panthers at home. Pick: Carolina

Tampa Bay at Dallas
Aaron: I've always been indifferent towards Dallas -- save for their awesome Deion-infused mid-90s teams -- but, I'm taking an unusual amount of pleasure in their current meltdown. Although, Tony Romo IS my money-league fantasy QB. So torn. Pick: Tampa Bay

Joe: It would figure that once Dallas gets a team I actually like (Romo, Barber, Witten...I even had been warming to TO) that they actually get their karmic comeuppance. That being said, I TOLD YOU about Wade Phillips. Pick: Dallas (I am a sucker)

Washington at Detroit
Aaron: At some point between now and December, one of us is going to go out on a limb and pick the Lions while they're still winless. Joe? Pick: Washington

Joe: They're not gonna lose EVERY game this week. But there has to be a home game against a team more ripe for the picking than these Redskins, right? Pick: Washington

Buffalo at Miami
Aaron: The Dolphins' Pop Warner offense got exposed against the Ravens' D. The Bills are a top 10 defense, too, but I think Miami keeps it close enough to win late. Pick: Miami

Joe: I'd be more confident about this pick if I had any handle at all on this Dolphins team. I do believe in this Bills team, though. Pick: Buffalo

St. Louis at New England
Aaron: I'm surprised to see so much of the focus on New England's 41 points, instead of Denver's laughable defense last Monday night. The Rams will provide another false confidence boost until the Pats play a real team again. Pick: New England

Joe: I almost want to pick the Rams -- the suddenly alive again Rams -- here. Until we see Matt Cassel string together two good games in a row, we can't quite believe it, right? I'm picturing a Rams win, a Cards loss, and a whole bunch of "Holy hell, the Rams could win the West!!" reactions. Of course, with Steven Jackson out, I could never make such a silly prediction. Pick: St. Louis New England

San Diego at New Orleans
Aaron: Saints don't have Reggie Bush and the Chargers barely have 50% of LaDanian Tomlinson. Throw in an expected sloppy field, an uninterested foreign crowd and, uhh "toothy" British groupies… No clue on this one. Pick: San Diego

Joe: Yeah, I think an ugly game (which seems pretty much fated here) favors the Bolts. Pick: San Diego

Atlanta at Philadelphia
Aaron: Here's hoping the Eagles can inspire the Phillies, Chase Utley and everyone who picked them in Sarah Bunting's postseason baseball pool. C'mon, Phillies and Chase Utley! Pick: Philadelphia

Joe: Meanwhile, Ryan Howard must be filming Chunky Soup commercials with Donovan McNabb. That's the best reason I can come up with for his absence from the scoring column. Not that I'm at all bitter. Pick: Philadelphia

Kansas City at N.Y. Jets
Aaron: Brett Favre possibly betrays Green Bay and their fans by discussing his former team's tendencies with the Lions? And, just like that, I like the guy now! What the hell just happened? Pick: NY Jets

Joe: Yeah, but Brett only ended up on the phone with the Lions because he was trying to call one of his grandkids and he got confused and mixed up the numbers. ...Motherfucker's OLD. Pick: NY Jets

Cleveland at Jacksonville
Aaron: You have to admire the vindictive moxie of the Browns' coaching staff. They're going to be blown out en masse at season's end and, damn it, they're gonna keep starting QB Derek Anderson until he takes 'em to the unemployment line. Pick: Jacksonville

Joe: Jacksonville's schizophrenic this year, and Cleveland will remain a tough(ish) out for the rest of the season. Pick: Cleveland

Cincinnati at Houston
Aaron: When the top story out of Cincy is that Chad Johnson will be keeping "Johnson" on the back of his jersey for the rest of 2008… On a related note, welcome back to the sh*tter, Bengals. Your usual table? Pick: Houston

Joe: Houston, at home, against a crap team? I like patterns. Pick: Houston

N.Y. Giants at Pittsburgh
Aaron: And, so ends the Giants' preseason schedule of cupcakes, cream puffs and other assorted high-calorie confections. Commence beatdown…now. Pick: Pittsburgh

Joe: You think so? I've lost a lot of confidence in the Steelers, who, by the way, didn't exactly beat a world-beating Bengals team last week. Pick: NY Giants

Seattle at San Francisco
Aaron: How did Mike Holmgren -- blessed with some of the most talented teams in the league throughout his coaching career -- turn into a sympathetic figure this season in Seattle? F*** you, Brett Favre for giving him a Super Bowl ring and infinite job security. Pick: San Francisco

Joe: Seneca Wallace as Seattle QB or Mike Singletary and his grandpa glasses as the Niners coach? Here's a dilemma worthy of whatever iteration of that Saw movie opens this week. Pick: Seattle

Indianapolis at Tennessee
Aaron: The liberal media elite insisted that the Colts were back after gutting the inept-on-offense Ravens two weeks ago. How'd that Packers game work out for 'em, CNN? Or, should I say Clinton News Network?! Timely. Pick: Tennessee

Joe: God, how I would love for the Colts to deflower the "mighty" Titans this week and ruin the mid-season coronation of Kerry mothereffing Collins. But...yeah, probably not. Pick: Tennessee

The Sure-Thing Suicide Spread:

Aaron: Atlanta (+9) at Philadelphia

Joe: Cincinnati (+9) at Houston

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