Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Round Springfield XXIX: Friends With Talent

You guys, there are big things happening on these internets, and I have pretty much nothing to do with them. Check it:

First off, m'boy Jason at My New Plaid Pants has scored an interview with his future shotgun man-bride Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. Slightly spoilery but totally worth it, particularly for a certain reveal of a certain upcoming Kristin Chenoweth performance. And this is only part oner! Read it and watch the joy burst forth from your monitor.

Next, check out Roommate Mark, who's put up a trio of delightfully dirty song parodies he and his boyfriend wrote, as performed Off Broadway at The Zipper Factory. Take note, Aaron Sorkin: this is how you do a funny Gilbert & Sullivan parody.

Finally, this month's batch of Glarkware limited edition shirts are absolutely the cat's ass (please help me bring that phrase back ... if it ever was to begin with). The Pushing Daisies and Heroes shirts are fab, but I think the Gossip Girl shirt (above) is my favorite. Don't you want to own the shirt that drove Jezebel commenters into fits of swarthy lust? I know I do!

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