Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'll Say It Simple and Straightforward: No on 8

For whatever reason -- and not because Tuesday's general election is in any way in the bag -- I've been transferring my Obama axiety (that would be axiety for Sen. Obama and his candidacy, not axiety of Obama and all those socialists and terrorists whom he's Facebook friends with) onto California's Prop 8. [Just in case you're Roommate Mark's friend Varla, that would be the proposition to overturn California's State Supreme Court ruling that recognizes the validity of gay marriages.]

Once again, I haven't been posting much about it here because I'm not going to be changing any minds. Odds are, if you're reading me, you're a friendly, and if you're not, I doubt you'll be swayed by anything I have to say. But I've been bombarding myself with blog posts and YouTube videos and Facebook postings, from gay people and straight people and Californians and people who occasionally know what cold weather feels like. It makes me sad, knowing that in 2008 we're still in a dogfight for something so simple; and yet it makes me proud, that there's a banding together of like-minded (and like-hearted) people for something so important. No on 8. Think it hard. Put it out there in the universe. Come on, Oprah California, make this happen.

Anyway, to make up for my lack of actual insight on this topic, here's a trio of posts from some of my favorite internet types, all of whom made me smile today:

"You can decide for yourself whether my marriage has any meaning for you or not, and how you feel about it morally...that's your right, as an American. You can decide that the rite of marriage should only be between a man and woman, because that's the way it's been since, well, a long time and things should never, never change and grow. ... But what you CANNOT continue to do is deny the LEGAL protections that every American deserves. Especially if you believe that America should be the land of the free, that all men are created equal, that we all have a right (protected in the Constitution) to pursue happiness."-- Gabriel Shanks, Modern Fabulousity

"I'm voting no because my aunt's 2003 commitment ceremony was one of the most bat-sh*t insane spectacles of all time. Biracial (half white/half-African-American) woman ties the knot with another biracial (half white/half-Hispanic) woman, then buys out a dive bar for the evening reception in one of the most buttoned-up communities in Los Angeles County? I smell sitcom!"-- Aaron Cameron, That Bootleg Guy

"What a dumb argument to even be having in the 21st century. What a tragedy that there are still people who hate gays for no good reason three decades after the murder of Harvey Milk. How sad is it that there are still people who are actively trying to deny gay people the most basic rights and happinesses."-- Devin Faraci, CHUD


Mertseger said...

Choir here, preacher. But at least you don't have to suffer the campaign ads that those of us in CA have to. I watch TV via Tivo, and I manage to avoid most of them, but I did manage accidentally step in a Yes on 8 ad. Apparently, we're supposed to vote yes because public school teachers would then have to teach that gay marriage exists. You know, it's hard for my regard for these troglodytes to go any lower, but just exactly how stupid is that argument? We'd be happy to let you have your gay marriages really we would, but doing so would make people tell our kids they exist. Gah.

Needless to say, we're casting our two votes No, and I'm praying enough other people do as well.

deirdre said...

My response to the "traditional marriage" argument has always been: Traditional marriage is where the woman's father sells her to her husband, who then has the right to beat and rape her until she dies from exhaustion or from pumping out too many kids. If you're in such a marriage, you have my forgiveness for your bigoted views, as well as my deepest sympathy. Otherwise, STFU.

Hey, you could always move up here. Apparently our Conservative party is the equivalent of Gay Nader Friends for Peace. Jon Stewart says so, and he knows everything.

jessica said...

The opposition's ads always manage to astound me with their stupidity. I'll have my fingers crossed that common sense and goodwill win out in California. Wish that I could help out with a vote, but they have this pesky rule about residency and anyway I really think Ohio needs my Obama support.