Friday, October 17, 2008

The Grumpening

So Mark Wahlberg is pissed -- for real pissed --about Andy Samberg's ridiculously funny (if, granted, pretty stupid) "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals" sketch from a few weeks ago:

This isn't entirely surprising if you've seen Wahlberg interviewed over the years. He won't let anybody near the twin embarrassments of his career -- Calvin Klein and the Funky Bunch -- and bristles when they're even vaguely alluded to. And nobody's even hating on the "Marky Mark" era these days! That shit fell on the good side of nostalgia, Mark, calm down.

This kind of tone-deaf lack of a sense of humor is regrettable, though it does kind of explain how he could allow The Happening to...uh, happen. I'm even starting to view his two most impeccable performances -- Boogie Nights and I Heart Huckabees -- more in the light of superior directorial work, because you'd have to have a good sense of humor to play those roles, and he clearly doesn't. His role in The Departed? That, I buy. Mostly because I think it's way closer to the person he really is than any of us would like to admit.

I think I'm officially over Mark Wahlberg, you guys. Though I suppose we'll always have this scene:


sayra said...

he clearly was not really pissed.

Joe Reid said...

Oh, I think he clearly was, but he also clearly recognized (or was told) that showing up on SNL would make him look cool and also make for some nice free publicity for Max Payne.

Anonymous said...

I feel like it's evidence that he's not as lame as he could be that he thought better of it and tried to make PR amends by doing the show?

Also, was that Jonah Goldberg in I Heart Huckabees? Huh.

Anonymous said...

So I gave them all too much credit in thinking it was planned in advance and tied in with the Palin thing?

Sandman said...

Ehh. I caught that part of the interview - though I haven't watched the backstage clip - and it just screamed Publicity Stunt to me. Maybe it's just that I never believe anything I see on Kimmel. For whatever it's worth, I thought Damon did a better job at acting pissed. It's possible, of course, that the former Marky Mark is just that big a douche, but something about it rang false.