Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freaky, Yet Adorable

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Matilda Ledger looks so much like her dad, it is completely weirding me out. As much as a totally adorable toddler and her awesome mom walking around in Brooklyn on what can only be assumed is a dry run for Halloween can weird one out.

Seriously, though, that giant smile of his is apparently going to live on. It's good news for the universe.


Kris McN said...

"Dry run for Halloween"? Clearly you don't have toddler. That's likely her daily attire, no matter what time of year. In fact, they probably have multiple versions so that if one's in the laundry she's still good to go. Jebus knows, it's a rare day that my boy leaves the house without a cape. Unless, of course, it's a Spiderman day.

Bo said...

Yeah. I have a friend who's daughter was really excited about going to school, until she found out she couldn't go dressed as a princess. She had a full range of princess available.