Monday, October 13, 2008

Capsule Review: Blindness

Movie: Blindness

Director/Studio: Fernando Meirelles / Miramax
10 Word Review: Harrowing, faithful book adaptation; way better than critical drubbing suggests.

Best Thing About It: Meirelles has a way of delivering metaphors that don't feel like metaphors. Clearly, the epidemic of blindness and the quick collapse of society soon thereafter is talking about something beyond the literal. (And with banks failing and the entire nation teetering on the financial brink, I kind of don't want to think about it further.) But Meirelles puts those concepts into an environment that is too real to fall into the comfortable distance of allegory.

Worst Thing About It: The ending, while appropriately kind after all that violence and poop, would have played a lot better had it been more ambiguous.

Best Performance: It was so nice to see Julianne Moore play someone with some fire to her! Yes, she does the gently weeping mother thing very well, but seeing her tap into her inner ferocity and get her Linda Hamilton on was a welcome delight. First runner-up, I thought, was Gael Garcia Bernal, who pulled together a charismatic villain who was much more interesting than his counterpart in the book.

Oscar Prospects: None. The reviews have poisoned that well. Which is too bad, because there's a lot of good going on here.

Grade: B+

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