Saturday, September 13, 2008

What He Said...

It's almost uncanny how much this Slant post mirrors my exact state of mind as I watched Bill Maher's show last night. This election is going to kill me, I swear to god.

While watching Real Time with Bill Maher by myself last night, I actually yelled out loud…at the TV. When Maher and his panel—which included Salman Rushdie, Janeane Garofalo and Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund—didn't hear me the first time (or, rather, when they didn't finally make the same obvious observation I did), I yelled louder. In defense of Palin's indefensible lack of knowledge about the Bush Doctrine (or if you want to get technical, the biggest fundamental shift in U.S. foreign policy in 200 years) during her interview with Charles Gibson this week, a smug Fund cited a Democratic primary debate in which candidates were asked a similar question but were given a definition of what the doctrine entails, the implication being that no politician running for president, even those in the incumbent party, should be expected to know the basic tenets of the current administration's foreign policy. The reality is that moderators of nationally televised debates provide information about the topic being discussed partly to avoid publicly embarrassing the candidates but mostly for the benefit of laymen viewers. The Bush Doctrine was simply not one of the topics, buzz phrases or talking points Palin was told to commit to her short-term memory prior to the interview.

The fact that Janneane Garofalo couldn't hear me when I called makes me question a lot of things I thought were true. Sad.


ISM said...

I'm being afflicted by a similar syndrome. On both my drive to and from work one day last week, listening to two different NPR stories (one about Palin on the stump and the other a survey of "ordinary voters") I found myself uncontrollably spouting obscenities at the top of my lungs. This election is giving me serious anger management issues.

jessica said...

Me too! The one that gets me is the absurd moniker "original mavericks" and I generally start screaming (at the TV, radio, computer screen, etc.) that you aren't, by definition, changing anything if you and your policies are the same as what's currently established. It drives me insane. Because, on both counts, I understand what words mean.