Thursday, September 25, 2008


First this:

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Then this: Claymates react to Clay Aiken coming out

The Clay thing is at least funny.


Kris McN said...

I too will say, "I'M STILL A FAN OF HIS VOICE.....NOT SO MUCH A FAN OF HIS....CHOICE.... " of songs, fashion, hairstyles, makeup, etc. That is what strollyn63 meant, right? Though I'm not sure why she had to shout it.

Rube Goldberg said...

My favorite: "Claybe 2: Why is it that the good looking ones are gay?"

I think I want that bumper sticker.

patty m. said...

Hey, that Katie Couric, she's one tough interviewer. I can see why Sarah was flustered. Please tell me America has had enough of idiocy in the Oval Office. It was funny for, oh, about 10 minutes eight years ago; not so funny now.

Jon said...

I love how when Couric asks Palin what she meant by saying that Alaska's proximity to Russia enhanced her foreign policy experience, she explained the geographic facts that demonstrate that Alaska is close to Russia. Like somehow we were all mocking her because we didn't understand geography.

(I also love how she just remembered that Canada is also a foreign country.)

jessica said...

My personal favorite is the person who "still think[s] he is a sexy gorgeous hunk of a man." I mean, that speaks volumes right there.

Close second is the one who doesn't even think the baby on the cover is his ... because that means what, exactly? That's like saying living next door to Russia makes you a foreign diplo...ohmigod, SARAH PALIN IS THAT CLAYMATE!

Truly, she has a dizzying intellect.

T-Square said...

Wow, you know... I live in Wisconsin, and I've actually road tripped to Canada. It never occurred to me until today that I am clearly an expert on our foreign policy with Canada thanks to a cup of Tim Horton's.

LMAO - I love the idea of Aiken's presenting a conspiracy. Forget 9/11 and the War on Iraq - this is some serious shit here, people.