Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This Morning's Best Tom Brady Quotes UPDATED

From Deadspin: "The big story of course is Brady, who is laid out on a table at Miracle Max's place right now, where we await word if he's dead, or only mostly dead. With Tim Rattay speeding toward Foxborough by bus, expect the former."

And from the best Facebook status I've read all day: "[This hilarious Facebooker] can think of one other person who has a worse case of the mondays than her...tom brady."

I could also tell the tale of a bar full of Bills fans who erupted into applause when CBS cut in with news of Brady's injury, but you guys don't need to know how classy they grow 'em here.

UPDATE: As always, Best Week Ever takes the cake. So! Much! Sympathy!

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Bo said...

They wrote about Brady on Pandagon. PANDAGON!!! What is the world coming to?