Monday, September 08, 2008

'Round Springfield XXVIII: Defending Jonas Purity

[FYI, L.A. put a dent in the Watchmen posts, but I'll be back up with one tomorrow, I promise.]

FourFour offers a comprehensive crapping-on of the MTV Video Music Awards. I might throw up a bit of defense about Chrstina Aguilera, but mostly...yep. The Kid Rock and T.I. observations in particular.

My New Plaid Pants reviews a no-budget horror classic that features implied gay necrophilia. I am shocked. SHOCKED!

The Film Experience celebrates Little Shop of Horrors in all its "Suddenly Seymour" glory.

And finally, Jezebel passes on this clip from Good Morning America in which Sarah Palin's best gal pals from Alaska are gathered to offer insight on what truly matters: the governor's preferred flavor of mocha. The upshot, of course, is that even Palin's closest friends don't know if they'll vote for her, but I was much more fascinated by the Christopher Guest-like low-key quality of these women. I kept expecting one of them to talk about how they and Palin share a love of snow peas and soup and talking and not talking. Also, the "Elite 6." Slow clap, ladies. Slow clap.

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Mollie said...

Wow, after watching that clip I think we need a new word for "tepid." Yeesh. With friends like those.

But much more important: SARAH PALIN IS AN ELITIST OMG!!! Imagine the fallout if *either* Obama turned out to have a nonpolitical group of pals who called themselves "the Elite 6." I think the phrase "drop out of the race" would come up...