Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Sweet Jesus

So, as happens sometimes, I wandered down the YouTube rabbit hole tonight, this time browsing various Tori Amos live performances and covers. I may not be the total freak for her like I used to be, but it's still incredibly easy to fall back into her music, you know? It's so sensory and lush and bizarre.

Which leads me to the following clip, obviously from a Blender interview not too long ago. It gives Tori the opportunity to pontificate on Britney Spears's "Toxic." It is perhaps the greatest thing I've seen in my entire life. (NSFW, hilariously so.)

For one thing, it's probably the most folksy Tori's ever been in her entire life. She's not talking like she's in the midst of an ether haze; she could be down at the corner bar. But the words...dear god the words. She literally -- LITERALLY -- goes from talking about "the feminine blood record" to "you can't have Tampax for a hot song." It boggles the mind. The greatest thing of all, I think, is that the word "toxic" automatically makes her think of "toxic shock syndrome." Like, how could there possibly any other non-vaginal meaning to that word? There couldn't!

Anyway, this is what I'll be watching to cheer me up for the rest of the week.


JS said...

Wow, that's the liveliest I've seen her talk while still maintaining a hold on her philosophy (did you ever try to read Piece by Piece???).

Thanks a lot Joe for pulling this clip out of the "ether haze."

Mark Blankenship said...

Oh my God, Joe. This clip has changed me.

As a fellow Tori freak whose jets have cooled in recent years, I also appreciate hearing her talk like a regular (and hilarious) person.

And you're so right... it's awesome that the word "toxic" automatically makes her think of TSS.

Do you think she knows that Cathy Dennis wrote that song?

beadgirl said...

I've always preferred the Tori who's earthy and funny to the Tori who pontificates about theologies. This made me laugh out loud, and think I'd love to have a beer with her.

Now I'm off to read the lyrics of Toxic and see just why it makes Tori think of TSS.