Sunday, August 24, 2008

Until London!

This was mentioned in the comments, but I wanted to bring it out to the main page: big, huge congratulations to Australia's Matthew Mitcham, who managed to do all of the following things, all at once: 1) win the gold medal in the men's 10m platform event, 2) breaking China's utter stranglehold on the diving events, 3) while being the only out gay male athlete in the whole Olympics, 4) and totally adorable to boot. THAT, my friends, is what I'm talking about.

I will admit, I totally stopped watching the Olympics a good 5-6 days ago -- same as it always is with me. But now that we're over, here a quick glimpse at my favorite Olympians of 2008:

Nastia Liukin
(I didn't talk about her much, but she was by far my favorite of the girl gymnasts. Lady shows up to work, and I love that.)

Ryan Lochte
(We've discussed this.)

Rafael Nadal
(This too.)

Justin Spring, Jonathan Horton, Alexander Artemev
(The whole men's team deserves props, but these guys were the big-time highlights: Spring on high bar, Artemev on pommel horse, and Horton sticking every landing in sight.)

Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka

Actually, this one's better:


adam k. said...

Um, I hope you didn't include Matthew in your favorites because he was already at the top of the post. I'm assuming that his favoriteness is just implied. But maybe you should amend the text and say, like, "my other favorite olympians..."? Just sayin'.

But yeah, I'm totally in love with Nastia, too. My family are all like "she seems snotty!" but I'm like, "no, that's called BADASS, bitches."

adam k. said...

Also, just btw, there's something a little wrong with your OutSports link. It doesn't link to a story, but it does link to a page where you can go to other things.

I should check my own...