Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Trailer Trash Twednesday (Twofer)

Sorry about missing this yesterday, so to atone, I present not one but TWO trailers for your examination. The first I saw in theatres before American Teen, the clip for Alan Ball's Towelhead:

So, after the eternal wellspring of goodwill that was the Six Feet Under finale, I think I'd started to forget about the aspects of Ball's work that tend to bug me. The glibness and the determination to keep reinventing the suburbia-as-cesspool wheel, for starters. As a rule, everything in this trailer that reminds me of American Beauty -- the peering through blinds, the Lolita stuff, the bigoted dad preaching to his disinterested child in the car -- annoyed me, while everything that reminded me of Six Feet Under -- Mario Bello's nightmare mother (shades of my dear departed Margaret Chenoweth?), the "do you feel like a woman?" bit -- gave me hope. And tipping the scales in the film's favor is one Toni Collette, who looks like she just might be awesome. Shocking that I would think that, I know, but that look she gives the girl when introduced to her boyfriend sold me.

Trailer #2 is the clip for the multi-character drama Winged Creatures:

Weaned from the teat of multi-character tragedy generators like Crash, this movie appears to continue the trend of a random act of violence connecting a group of disparate strangers. I'm pretty sure this was the plot of that show The Nines. It's all kind of tedious and exhausting, and I'm having a hard time imagining where this movie could possibly take us that we haven't been before. Forest Whitaker looks like he's dressed up for a remake of Wet Hot American Summer, and lord knows I can't handle Dakota Fanning's teenage years any better than I could handle her childhood. I will say Jeanne Tripplehorn looks like she's got something to work with, and I'm interested to see how she does. Less compelling, particularly after the Sex and the City movie, is seeing what Jennifer Hudson does with yet another non-singing role.


Kris McN said...

Towelhead went onto the Will See list with, "Would you characterize your situation as light, medium, or heavy?"

Well, that and Toni Collette.

Deirdre said...

I saw Towelhead at TIFF last year. Without spoiling anything, Bello's role is really small (unless they've re-cut the film) and Collette is indeed the best part. (Aaron Eckhart is good, but creepy as fuck, like, the creepiness of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty turned up to 11.)

The film's based on a book that's set in a very specific time and it deals with more than the "something stinks in suburbia" theme, but I agree, there's obviously something about that trope that appeals to Ball.

(Disclosure: I liked AB and was bored by the 7 episodes I saw of SFU so take that for what you will.)

par3182 said...

i wanted to shoot somebody by the end of the winged creatures trailer; i doubt that's what they were going for...