Friday, August 08, 2008

SYTYCD Finale Thoughts

Okay, first things first: Big huge congratulations to JOSHUA for taking home the much deserved title of America's Favorite Dancer. I had begun to rethink yesterday's prediction, thinking Katee might indeed come out on top, but it turns out that was the wrong way to go considering she finished third. So I WAS right! Anyway, good for Josh -- despite the fact that the show kept pushing the "untrained" thing on us until the very last.

As for the reprises of the favorite dances: what a great selection. I'd have swapped out the Twitch/Katie door dance for one of the Gev/Chelsie routines, but honestly, I can't even complain. Certainly not when Lil' C is casting his verbose spell on the super-sized judging panel (when Debbie Allen started copying him and got to "Buck-buck-buck-buck!", I thought she was having a seizure).

For such a bloated finale, I barely fast-forwarded either. I skipped past the Jonas Brothers, obviously, and once I realized the entire Criss Angel routine was going to be a scary bunny funeral, I got right the hell past that. Sorry, Wade Robson. Also, I have to admit, I had zero interest in the pop-n-lock battle between Robert the Quitter and the other guy. They have very unique talents, but so did the kid in my grammar school class who could turn his eyelids inside out.

The return of the old contestants was awesome and too brief. Next time I get Lacey, Lauren, Neil, and Travis on the same stage, I want some time to bask. Also, this Dmitry person appears to be as allergic to shirts as Will was, huh? Though, was it just me, or did Mary Murphy seem a little hunched in the shoulders for being such a ballroom expert. That whole routine of theirs was cougarrific.

Finally, the biggest development of the night. No, not Joshua's win, not Katee's $50,000 consolation prize, nor Adam Shankman's throwdown to Nigel for next season. No, I'm talking about Shankman's epic cinematic announcement: Step Up 3D. Let me say that again: STEP UP 3D! I can barely contain myself. Ticket: purchased.

Thanks for a great season, dance-lovers! What are my Thursdays going to be like without you all? I'm off to find bootlegged copies of Season 2.


Mertseger said...

What a delightful show! I guess the only thing better than Lil' C's jidging is having Debbie Allan making fun of Lil' C's jidging.

You're probably right about Mary shoulders, but I thought she was in shockingly good form. She has great legs in both senses of the term. And Dmitry's shirt allergy has proven to be more and more contagious over he seasons. All in all, having both Mary and Nigel hit the floor was infinitely more satisfying than the Nigel/Cat stupid fakeout of the previous final.

I loved Wade's Danse Buncabre no matter what you say.

I was shocked when Katee was the second booting, but I suspect that Twitch's fanbase has been huge and loyal throughout the season. I think Katee still deserved the win because she's found herself as an artist more than the other two.

But that being said, Joshua was terrific and I am not all that disappointed. I do not think that he should be called an untrained dancer by any stretch of the imagination, SHOW. But having a Hip Hop specialist take the tiara is probably best for the health of the show, and exactly the result Nigel probably hoped for. We've now covered Lyrical, Ballroom and Hip Hop, Men and Women with the champions, and so any claims of underlying biases by the show can be dismissed (though, as ever, there will be cultural biases in the voters).

Thanks for the recaps. This group has been fun to hang with over the season.

Vance said...

OMG I forgot to mention the plug for Step Up 3D!!!

Ah how can I forget the term cougerarrific for Mary's roll with Dmitry. And yes, he was the originator of the shirtless dances. It was awesome.

Page said...

Joe, thanks so much for your recaps, which I have read faithfully even when not commenting. I will miss this show so much!

Your description of the costumes for the Wed. night Mia Michaels routine was VERY funny (and accurate).

I have to say I was a little disappointed by Wednesday night's show - I thought all four dancers seemed really tired (not surprising), and not quite up to their usual standards of excellence. And I found it annoying that the judges (mostly) pretended that was not the case.

But they certainly redeemed themselves last night. What a great show! So happy to see the Bollywood, Mark and Chelsie's briefcase dance, Courtney and Gev together again, The Garden, Five Guys named Moe, and Katee & Joshua's No Air (still one of my favorites of the entire season).

As this is my first season, the video montage of advice from previous season dancers was not that exciting, but it was kind of cool seeing them dance (Benjie's AWESOME).

I too gave the Jonas Bros. a miss, but admit to watching the entire bunny funeral (which the TwOP recapper described hilariously as "Watership Downer") in horrified wonder.

Can admit to you all that I have plonked down some money and am going to see the tour when it comes to Newark in November. And I can't wait!

page said...

Forgot to say BRAVO JOSHUA! He really was my favorite overall.

Carrie Ann said...

Man, I loved the whole show on Thursday (minus Jo Bros, obvs). What a great episode. I squealed when all the old timers came back on.

Two questions though - were Mary and Nigel's performances really live? Something about both of them seemed edited. Particularly when the judges were still mic'ed at the beginning of Mary's.

"Wade's Danse Buncabre" - hilarious. Man, that was like something out of my nightmares.