Thursday, August 07, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Thursday: Last One!

This season went by so fast! I can't believe we're at the end already. Damn you, Olympics!

Anyway, before I get to the dances, can I say how surprisingly unsettling Mandy Moore was as a judge? I think it comes down to her style of speaking -- she always sounds like she's on the verge of telling you something you did wrong, even when she's got nothing but praise. She kept me totally off-balance tonight. I think I loved it.

Courtney and Twitch
Hip-Hop (Napoleon and Tabitha)

Good routine, very good in fact, but not the perfection that the judges said it was. There was too much hesitancy in the lifts and, as has been the case with many of N&T's straight hip-hop routines, it just wasn't all that interesting/difficult, though the dancers did their best. Courtney continues to be a credible hip-hopper, though.

Interview/Solo: Courtney
Man, I should have realized that with being a New Yorker with the last name Galiano that her dad would look like one of Johnny Sack's crew. You're freaking me out, Dad! But no surprise, Courtney is totally adorable -- and more candid than you'd expect with regard to her overall talent level and improvement. And when she talked about Gev, and how two people can have chemistry without being in love, she managed to sound like a mature, rational girl. (Though, seriously, ONE of those two was in love, even if it wasn't Courtney.) She just reminds me that while I think Joshua should win, Courtney is where my heart's at, and that's been the case since her audition. Love that last week's jazz was her favorite routine of the season too:

Joshua and Katee
Contemporary (Wade Robson)

Wade! Missed you and your John Mayer fixation! I don't know why I always love these dances where the one dancer manipulates the other, but Josh moving Katee around the way he did was awesome. I still don't get any emotion out of Katee, at all, but I think Josh might be my boo, too.

Katee and Courtney
Broadway (Tyce Diorio)

Unlike Nigel, I wish Courtney and Katee hadn't been given such a girly routine to dance, though at least it's good to see Nigel's just as consistently hung up on gender roles with the girls as he is with the boys. But how great would it have been to see Courtney and Katee get down with some seriously complex contemporary or jazz (they're both up to it!) rather than literally frilly pink dresses and parasols. Disappointing. Sure, they both danced it incredibly, but they could have done that in their sleep.

Interview/Solo: Twitch
Much as I think he's been out of his depth the last few weeks, and he should have been gone before Gev and Mark, I really do love Twitch. And thank God this happened instead of the Navy, by God. I loved seeing how much he really cared for Kherington in those clips, and he and I are both in agreement about his best routine: the Jean-Marc Generaux Viennese waltz.

Twitch and Joshua
Trepak (aka, Russian dance thingy with the genie pants)

Once again, I'm of the mind that doing a dance that's generally foreign to this show (Bollywood, pas de deux) is actually beneficial to the dancers, both because it's an easy way to stand out and because, honestly, we don't really know how it's supposed to look, so it's easier to overlook mistakes. I'm not sure you could get more literal music for this routine than The Nutcracker, either, though it does tend to fit with the competitive-boys thing they've got going. Anyway, the dance! It was fun, and they're both so impressive, though I think I enjoyed their little can-you-top-this jump-off they did after the dance was over even better. I still would've cracked my left nut for them to rock out a Lil' C krump, though.

Interview/Solo: Katee
Leave it Cat Deeley to be supportive and understanding re: Katee's Las Vegas duh-rama. I do think it's interesting that Katee's favorite routine was her very first, while Courtney's was her very last. I guess that says a lot about the room Courtney had to grow, while Katee has stayed at the (admittedly stellar) level all season. Also interesting that she'd dance a solo to Imogen Heap after that song had been danced to so definitively in seasons past. Katee being such a mark for Mia Michaels, you know she knows that.

Twitch and Katee
Foxtrot (Tony Meredith)

Ugh. Michael Buble's "Feeling Good." My arch-nemesis in song form! Damn it, Lythgoe, why must your shows torment me with this bastardization?? Anyway, didn't this seem a little slow for a foxtrot? Or am I just talking out of my ass about foxtrots? Either way, I thought Katee was the whole show here, with impeccable lines and gorgeous, fluid motion. Twitch wasn't bad, but it was tough to notice him with Katee being so awesome.

Interview/Solo: Josh
Only Cat Deeley could ruthlessly mock Josh for his constant blubbering and still seem like the nicest person ever. Interesting that Josh picked the samba as his best routine -- it was a great one, and it was the first time he really nailed ballroom. Loved the improv upon losing his shoe, too.

Joshua and Courtney
Jive (Jason Gillikson)

I really love the jive, though Josh and Courtney seemed to do more of it separately than I was expecting/hoping. Not Josh's best style, but of course that's on the Josh sliding scale, where even if he's not the best, he's still really good. Honestly, I agreed with Nigel for much of his critique (though I wish he'd have been as critical of some of the other dances tonight). That being said, Courtney's a little spitfire and I love her.

Joshua, Katee, Courtney, and Twitch
Contemporary (Mia Michaels)

For those counting, that's one two three four FIVE dances for each finalist tonight. I'd be dead. Not even kidding, I would have literally passed away, and probably after dance number three or four. Of really crappy dancing. Anyway, the dance really was joyous and celebratory and kind of goofy -- not Mia Michaels at her very best, but this was good. The outfits, on the other hand, were like two Catholic schoolgirls going to an all-male strip club in Glasgow. That's my metaphor and I'm sticking to it.

Best routine: Joshua and Katee's contemporary

Pick to win: Joshua

Hope to win: Joshua (or Courtney)

Hope to see at the finale: Gev, Mark, Chelsie, Kherington, Kourtni, Matt, Thayne, Neil, Lauren, Lacey, Pasha, Sabra, Travis, Lil' C, Dave Scott, Wade Robson, Mia Michaels, Debbie Allen, and Tabitha but not Napoleon. (...Okay, Napoleon too.)


Mertseger said...

Oh, how I wished that Lil' C or Debbie Allen were the final judge. Props to Mandy Moore for the Emmy nod, but I did not think her jidging was finals-worthy.

I thought that the trepak was the routine of the night. The athleticism of Twitch and, particularly, Josh was stellar.

However, Katee still stole my heart. She accomplishes more simply breathing (as at the start of the Wade routine) than most dancers accomplish in full flight. Her casual cartwheel in the middle of the foxtrot just spoke volumes to me. She takes difficult elements and makes them look easy and inevitable. I cast my single vote for her.

I loved the Mia routine. I thought it was a wonderful interpretation of Monty Python's Science Fiction Sketch.

I won't be very disappointed if Josh wins, though.

Anonymous said...

Team Katee here, too. Josh didn't grow on me until late in the season, so while I won't want to throw my diet pepsi at the TV like I wanted to when Will got the boot, he doesn't do it for me. I think it's the hair. Would look SO much better short.

I didn't pick up on Courtney's accent either until I saw her family, then it all clicked! (I'm from LI, too)

Anonymous said...

I adore Joshua, and really hope he wins, but the one thing that bugs me to no end (and this is the judges and not josh) is the constant judges praising him for being "untrained" immediately after we watch a long montage of him in dance classes (and wearing a giant shirt that says "DANCE!" at the age of, like, twelve).

They're trying to manipulate the story all..."blah blah raising the bar for untrained dancers...", but wouldn't that work better with someone who was actually untrained?

Anyway, none of that is on him, because, you know, he keeps talking about dance classes in his interviews so he's not trying to hide it. I actually feel like the judges are actually taking something away from him when they pull that shit, because he had to make some hard choices in deciding to do dance.

Bo said...

I'd be okay with anyone but Twitch, who is fun and seems nice but just isn't as all around good as the other three. I too have been a Courtney fan since the first time I saw her. And Joshua has grown on me (although, I so agree about the hair). Still, the only one who'll be really happy no matter what happens is, I think, our Courtney.