Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Round Springfield XXVII: Hair-Metal Guitarist of Persia

So by now you've surely seen the on-set photos of Prince of Persia, with Jake Gyllenhall looking like some kind of Unfrozen Caveman Adonis. Yea or Nay? I still say the hair is a problem -- a big problem -- but the pics have gotten the official My New Plaid Pants endorsement, accompanied by the usual petty and mean-spirited comments directed at Reese Witherspoon, whose vengeance shall be swift and unmerciful.

To those of you looking for the perfect Joe Biden zinger to use as your ringtone (you know who you are!), Tara Ariano presents her latest blog project, Audible Politics. If you're looking for the perfect "Gah, you're killing me here!" take on the whole John Edwards thing, Tara's your man. Or, you know, woman.

Plaintive Wail delves into the West Wing waters and notes the numerous ways in which Aaron Sorkin's good show reflects unflatteringly on Sorkin's shitty show, Studio 60. Boy, do I hear that. I've been re-watching The West Wing on DVD, and recognizing Sorkin's repetitive tendencies isn't exactly a challenge.

Finally, head on over to StinkyLulu to help pick the field for September's Supporting Actress Smackdown. I'm pulling for the classes of 1992 (the current leader) or 1969 (lagging in a distant third), but goodness abounds.


Grunt said...

Now I feel the urge to drag out my West Wing DVDs from season one and plow through them again.

:::shakes fist:::

Damn you Joe R. for linking to that post.

But, since I can not seem to comment on that sight let me add an even more frustrating part about the whole Studio 60/West Wing problem. It was as if those of us who watched and loved the WW had awoken from a nice dream and then tried to fall back to sleep, only to find that everything was slightly wrong and different.

JA said...

Hey! I wasn't that petty or mean-spirited. I said I felt bad for wishing she were really crying. I didn't admit all the things I could have admitted I wish would happen to her. Cough leprosy cough.

deirdre said...

If West Wing viewers were frustrated, imagine what the people who first met Sorkin through Sports Night must feel like. More "matter of life and death" attitudes and the lather-rinse-repeat dialogue condensed into a half hour.

Ben Wilson said...

Jake's hair is a little off-putting, but he is meant to be the prince. Jumping around the desert all perfectly groomed would ignite hatred from plenty of old fans. It would be like playing He-Man gay.... oh wait...