Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Puny Blogger, Don't F*CK With Charlize Theron

One of the things I have been able to glean from this year's arduous and depressing campaign season is that I'm almost as sick of the liberal blogosphere as I am of the conservative blogosphere. From bitter Hillary supporters to over-sensitive Obama partisans (...and bitter Obama partisans and over-sensitive Hillary supporters) to the whole dogpile on Edwards (who, I agree, was a total dumbass, but doesn't deserve the moral majority treatment from fellow Democrats), those blogs that had become my oases of sane political thought in the dark days after 2004 have devolved into typical political bickering. (For the most part -- I still dig the media watchdogs at Think Progress and, surprisingly, Andrew Sullivan's blog.)

The rabid Obama cheerleaders at AmericaBlog had been hanging by a thread with me (I dig the message, but they're so quick to jump on any perceived slight, and even for someone who's been as down on Hillary as I've been, they've been too over-the-top with it for me), but today was the final straw. Because today was the day they slighted both Charlize Theron and Stuart Townshend. What did those two gorgeous, loveable potheads ever do you you?? Doesn't their beauty, talent, and activism buy them the opportunity to chat with Anderson Cooper without your snide comments? I think it does!

Anyway, don't antagonize Charlize Theron. She may not seem particularly aggressive, but she got pretty Method when she played Aileen Wournos. And she can portend your doom with a mere removing of her sunglasses. Don't step.


JA said...

I don't dare even click on that link. I might go supernova if I read a Charlize diss from those pantywaists.

presumptuous insect said...

And try criticizing ObamaGod on DailyKos--the hatin' will rain on you, you "concern troll." Holy crap, they are like a bunch of religious fanatics whose "faith" is really so weak that cannot bear to have their faith questioned or discussed.

JA said...

I've given up on going to any of the political blogs I used to frequent because of that attitude. I'm gonna vote for the guy for christ's sake, but can people just be reasonable? Please? No? Okay then. Off to the glue factory with my Doubting Thomas self I suppose.

StinkyLulu said...

I actually thought the Charlize mockery post was pretty funny. But, then, I thought it meant to be a mildly snide take on who the "real" celebrities at a political convention (ie. Anderson being the true superstar). But that's the problem with blog humor (if that's what it was in the first place) -- it's so hard to know if you're "reading" it right.

I still love the screencap of the polka dot lady, though. Whether intentional or not, that shit is funny.