Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello, Buenos Aires!

Okay, who else saw Gabriela Sabatini at last night's U.S. Open champions gala thingamajig? Lady looks fantastic! I was watching with my sister and was all "Holy hell, she looks awesome! She's gotta be, what, in her late 40s? Dude." But, of course, I forgot that tennis players are crazy young, so a trip to Wikipedia told me she's a mere 38. Kinda nice when you're able to "retire" at 26, huh? Anyway, she still looks great for whatever age. One of my very favorite players from when I first started watching tennis.

Did anyone else watch the Open last night? It was cool seeing all those former champions together -- every time Martina and Chrissy get together I'm worried there's gonna be an incident -- but...no Andre Agassi, no Pete Sampras, no Steffi Graf, no Jimmy Connors? Did somebody drop the ball or what? It's not like those four have gone into seclusion or anything. (I was also bummed that Patrick Rafter and Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario didn't show, but they didn't have the acclaim those other four did.)

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churchill said...

Yes, that was a fun US Open event - I wish they did that every year.
Bringing out the old champs. Sabatini looked great. As did Becker. Heck, Martina even looked
better than she used to. Federer too. Agassi & Graf not there.

I wish they would do that at the
upcoming Wimbledon too. That would
be a fun sight.

Is Sabatini married yet? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? What's up
with that. Only ask because Becker
just got married again didn't he,
like last week.