Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crap, I'm In Trouble

I think I love Dan from Big Brother 10. Crap.

It shouldn't have turned out this way. Dan was the Republican Catholic school teacher who kicked off the season talking a whole bunch of mess about evil liberals and the get-out-of-jail-free nature of the confessional. Also, he was friends with Brian, who was totally obnoxious.

But soon enough, Brian was gone, Dan was without an alliance, he told Steven that he was no longer "Gay Steven" to him (it just warms the heart!), and he was giving pep talks to Renny and Michelle during the HoH competition. He's been my favorite contestant, pretty much by default, for several weeks now, but after last night's hair-cutting shenanigans with Renny, it was official: I love the guy. Shit.

This is just like what happened with BB6's James. He was another skinny/dorky Republican whose allies were few (and I think he might have lied about being a schoolteacher...or not being a schoolteacher, whatever), and I ended up loving him, too. But where James was paranoid and moody, Dan seems to be affable and goofy. Sure, James was more of a strategic thinker, but Dan makes up for that by SHOUTING THROUGH ALL OF HIS DIARY ROOM INTERVIEWS.

Anyway, there you have it. I should also mention that this season of Big Brother, on the whole, is a huge improvement from the last couple of years. The Dick/Daniele season nearly broke me, and I only barely paid attention to last spring's half-assed effort. But this summer's twistlessness has been refreshing, and while there are, as usual, players I hate (looking at you, April and Jerry) (and Ollie) (and sometimes Michelle and Keesha), none of them make me physically ill the way so many players of the last three seasons have. Dan's great, and Memphis is kind of a dick but one with a weirdly admirable internal morality, and Renny is whacked out of her mind but in a fun way.

I'm sure now that I've said this, it'll all take a terrible turn, but for right now, I'm standing by it: Big Brother has regained the "pleasure" part of "guilty pleasure."


Vance said...

I've occasionally been turning in mainly to see Dan. But yah, why is he always shouting at the camera in the diary room? I just figured I missed something.

(Danielle and Evel totally broke me. I used to be a devotee).

Jenn said...

Sharon yelled in the Diary Room all last season and was the most likable of the bunch (not that that's saying much), so maybe there's some sort of pattern developing there.

Heather said...

Dan is by far my favorite on this season (although I'll admit I was early rooting for Brian because I thought it would blow my mind if such an in-your-face tool won the whole show).

I've been sticking by BB because (even though last season was such a "couples" cop-out) James was un-freaking-believeable. I didn't mind his tighty-whities or skinny leg jeans, he made me happy. Happy enough to stick with BB through all of the Colonel's B.S.