Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad Ideas, Really Bad Ideas, And...This

Oh, no, no, no, no. Not good. Very bad. If this story about Aaron Sorkin writing a movie about the founding of Facebook is to be believed, very bad indeed. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been re-watching my West Wing DVDs lately and enjoying them very much. I'm remembering how much I really loved that show. I loved Sports Night too. I'm pretty well on the record as to how much I did NOT love Studio 60, but as the most famous person ever named after a mound of beef taught us, two out of three really ain't bad.

But the one unifying thread running through all those shows was how much Aaron Sorkin needs to never, ever talk about the internet. Because when he does, he sounds like one of those old-timey guys who fears change and is waiting for this whole wide-wide-world-of-web fad to pass so that he can go back to the days when kids plagiarized their term papers from Encyclopedia Brittanica and not Wikipedia and the only opinion that held sway on pop culture belonged to the oldest writer left in the Life & Arts section. He also sounds bitter, whiny, and petty, and he loses almost all of the intelligence and wit that characterizes his best work. And he keeps making that same joke about housecoats, too.

So, you know, why wouldn't this guy want to make a movie about the guy who invented Facebook? I'll be urgently waiting for the announcement of an open call for obese, pizza-faced losers to audition for the lead.


Linda said...

Are you KIDDING? This is the best thing EVER! This is the Gently Mocking Internet Person Full Employment Act!


jessica said...

Wait. Here we are, on a blog, talking about Aaron Sorkin. Are you wearing your bathrobe and sweatpants, Joe? How many half empty pizza boxes are strewn around your abode? When was the last time you went out in public dressed as a klingon?

Kelly said...

I'm gonna go get some Parliaments and a muumuu and wait for that casting call.