Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who Watches the Trailer?

...Well, no one does since Warner Bros. pulled it. But My New Plaid Pants has your hookup, with image after by-God image from the Watchmen teaser trailer, which, as Jason points out, will probably premiere before The Dark Knight.

My favorite shots? This one:

And this one:

Cannot friggin' wait.


pikajew said...

Actually, you can watch the trailer here.

I have to concur that this adaptation is gonna be pretty darn awesome.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they definitely show that trailer before The Dark Knight as well as a trailer for another movie starring Christian Bale: Terminator. I didn't even know they were making another one...

Mathan said...

Yeah, the trailer for The Watchmen is awesome. So awesome in fact that my friend and I were so slayed by it we can't even remember anything about the Leo/Russell trailer that followed it.

And while visually the film looks on point, I'm really worried about what aspects of the story get cut.