Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trailer Trash Tuesday: The Lucky Ones

I'd been really looking forward to this one -- Rachel McAdams is always a favorite, Neil Burger appears to be an up-and-coming director after The Illusionist, and I keep predicting Michael Peña is about to have a major breakthrough. Not to mention how it's one of those Iraq movies I like so much but no one's interested in paying money to see.

But after watching it...I just don't know. I like a good road movie, but this one is looking like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for the soldier set. None of the interaction with the civilians seems authentic, McAdams's cornpone accent couldn't sound faker, and it seems to hopscotch from goofy to harrowing a whole lot. Of course, that kind of thing is more jarring in a trailer. A feature-length film could deal with the tonal shifts more elegantly.

Maybe I'm just reacting badly to Sarah McLachlan playing over the second half of the clip. "I Will Remember You"? In 2008? What kind of confidence can I have in a movie when it's being marketed by people who have been cryogenically frozen since 1995?


Anonymous said...

It's the annoying song. I've posted about that elsewhere.

The story is actually terrific. Nothing like Planes, trains, and Automobiles. Don't know how you could possibly think that. It's more like Hal Ashby's, The Last Detail, which is a great movie.

Anyway, I've read the screenplay, and the characters aren't really like any I've seen in any other movie. And McAdams's accent is "cornpone?" It's actually barely there. It's her sentence structure that tells the tale.

BTW, do you say that ("cornpone" accent) every time there's a character from the backwoods with a poor family background, who hasn't had the benefit of a college education? YOU sound like an elitist.

Joe Reid said...

No, YOU sound like an elitist! Heh. No, I'm saying "cornpone" because her accent sounds fake and overly Hee-Haw. I'll admit to feeling elitist about Hee-Haw.

And the story may very well be terrific -- no need to get so defensive that you need to post under a cloak of anonymity. I promise I won't make fun of your lack of college education.

jessica said...

Aww, I have a passing fondness for Hee-Haw. And if memory serves, which it may not because I've tried to block out most of The Notebook, her accent has been fakely cornpone in the past too.