Friday, July 25, 2008

SYTYCD Results

Real quick, and I may or may not expound tomorrow. But for now: WOO HOO! With Will and Comfort eliminated, we're left with six dancers, all of whom I love. Kick ass.

Seriously, any of these six could win and I'd be just as happy. ...No, that's not true, I'm hoping Twitch and Katee go next week, but honestly, between Josh, Mark, Chelsie, and Courtney, I adore them all. Hell, even if Twitch or Katee win, I'll be happy. When does this ever happen on reality TV.

I will say, Will went out with a ton of class (as opposed to that freakout Twitch had when he found out he was Bottom 4 -- get a hold of yourself, dude, you had a 50/50 shot at this happening), and now that he's gone, I find it much easier to appreciate what a knockout beautiful guy he is. If if I hadn't noticed, Cat would have reminded me, as she couldn't seem to shut up about it.

And the best news: Debbie Allen can judge again! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised at Will's elimination and a little disappointed too. He was, by far, the most talented of the male dancers. I think Mark should consider himself lucky! As for the women I really am pulling for Chelsie, she has much more personality then the other two, but Courtney would also be ok.

Michiewah said...

I totally agree with the Comfort/Will elimination. I give Comfort her props for trying really really hard to pull off the ballroom dances, but she doesn't have a smidgen of grace. As for Will, he's a great solo dancer, and great ensemble dancer. But dancing as a partner? Total kiss of death.

Bo said...

I'm fine with Will going and would have been fine with Twitch, as well. Will can't partner (he did better with Katee, but he probably thought she was more worthy--can you tell he bugs?) and that is part of being a dancer. Twitch is certainly amazing for someone who doesn't have the training but it is clear he doesn't have the training.

Comfort bugged me even doing her own solos. Her face was always in the same fishmouth expression. She seemed to have one speed. And Nigel was right, she was much better when others choreographed for her.

May I say I wish Courtney had done that solo on Wednesday. Then I'd have been more confident tonight. It was very different than what she's done lately and showed a number of different aspects she hadn't been showing.

Mertseger said...

We definitely ended up with the right top three women. Cat's announcing that Mark was safe was the shocker of the season, but I'm happy. I'm even happier that Will was auf'ed.

As for next week, I'd rather see a Katee and Chelsie final, and Josh and Mark for the guys.

StinkyLulu said...

I thought the bottom 4 was nearly exactly right (though I would have switched Twitch for Joshua, probably sending Joshua home.)

I guess I really am alone in thinking that Joshua's really overrated. He's amazingly athletic and is obviously powerfully committed but, where Twitch is able to glide over his technical gaffes with style, Joshua seems to always be really clumsy in his transitions. He really needs a collaborative partner (ie. Katee) rather than a competitive one (ie. Chelsie) to shine.

Mark is lucky to still be there, but mostly because the show's been setting him up to go since the first week. Since the top 20 were announced, I've been rooting for him and strongly feel he deserves to be among this really solid group of Top 4 guys. He's got strong technique, the best partnering skills of the season (which has been sometimes to his detriment as he's had so many erratic partners), and some real flair. I didn't expect him to last this long because I fully expected the show would prove itself unwilling to showcase him (which it has and, to Mark's credit, he's still there).

But I must say that I've been thinking about the main critique of Will (his distance, coldness, etc) and how that critique seems to haunt those black male dancers on this show who are not conspicuously straight. Nigel's so hot for the black macho that I sometimes wonder if it causes a strange kind of "shut down" for some of the strongest black male dancers. (They're holding "something" back and it's read as a superiority, arrogance or coldness.)

Joe Reid said...

See, that's funny, because Will has come off more "conspicuously straight" than, say, Joshua. To me, at least. And Josh has never had problems with distance or coldness. He's also my pick to win.

Mertseger said...

Hmm...I disagree. The show has its faults, and a bizarre relationship with teh gay, but the only similar dancer to Will I can think of is Danny. The criticism of Danny (and Blake before him) was not the lack of "manliness" (whatever THAT means), but, rather, a waft (or, in Blake's, case the stench) of arrogance. Will certainly avoided that pitfall (he seems reasonably humble, in fact).

Andrea said...

Nigel might just have done in his fave boy by oh-so-obviously showcasing him in the Moe routine... Surprised but happy that Mark is still there.