Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD Quick-Hitter

So after last night's show, I am officially worried for Mark. Two poor performances -- off of two fairly crappily-choreographed routines, if you ask me, but still -- and with no room for error on the guys' side of things. That's gonna suck. On the bright side, Lil' C is an awesome judge -- more of that, please.

On to the pairings:

Chelsie and Gev
For a week I've been praying that Gev would get paired up with Chelsie, and the result was the best pairing of the night. Maybe instead of thinking Gev was being propped up by fortuitous chemistry with Courtney we should start thinking of Gev as a fantastic partner. Chelsie, for her part, is the best woman left in the competition, I think. The contemporary routine was awesome (and a good step up for Sonya, whose first routine I didn't get), but that jive was insane. Gev was better than the judges gave him credit for, but Chelsie was frightening.

Joshua and Courtney
Second-best pairing of the night. That rumba was so fucking hot, I swear to god. Courtney just gets better and better every week --she had the strongest
solo of the night -- and Josh might be the best dancer on the show.

Kherington and Mark
Like I said, Mark is in serious trouble after those dances, but they were a couple of dud routines, right? Don't get me wrong, he and Kherington danced them poorly,'s a shame. I have no idea how this show works, in terms of whether sympathy votes end up saving those dancers most in trouble, like on Idol, but it seems like this audience tends to respond better to the actual performance quality. Sorry, Mark.

Twitch and Comfort
That hip-hop routine was NUTS. So, so, so, SO awesome. I don't know if it'll be enough to save Comfort, but the fact that I'm even considering the idea that someone (Kherington?) might be in trouble tells you how good she was. Glad to see Twitch right his ship (his solo kicked ass too -- much better than last week).

Will and Katee
Sigh. I don't know, you guys. I was really hoping the partner switch would help me see Will in a better light -- the light everyone else seems to see him in. And I will fully admit that the dancing on the pas-de-deux was brilliant. But...okay, first of all there were about a dozen things distracting me from the actual dancing, including: Katee's aggressive camel toe; Will's decision to go shirtless for the fourth consecutive week, driving me to once-unthinkable extortions like "Will needs to put a shirt on"; and perhaps worst of all, the effing David Archuleta version of "Imagine." Gross to the millionth power. So, yeah, once again Will dances a brilliant routine and I still kind of don't like him. And if any guy besides him gets eliminated I'm gonna be totally sad.

Best routines: Twitch and Comfort's hip-hop, Chelsie and Gev's jive, Josh and Courtney's rumba.

Bottom Four: Kherington, Comfort, Mark, Gev

Going home: Comfort, Mark


NYOne said...

Interesting. I was really underwhelmed by Twitch's solo, especially compared with Gev and Josh's. He's still adorable, no doubt, but I don't think he's versitile enough to keep up at this stage of the game.

page said...

I have actually not been on the Will bandwagon, but last night he kind of won me over. I thought he had the best solo of the men (with Twitch and Joshua admittedly close on his heels), and his work in the pas de deux was just absolutely gorgeous. Yes, the shirtlessness is getting cliche (and Joshua was pretty funny on that subject). Yes, that song is AWFUL (am really feeling grateful that I didn't watch Idol this year), but isn't that the choreographer's fault?

Katee was my top woman - I loved her solo and thought Chelsea's was kind of boring. I liked Courtney's solo too, but Chelsea edged her out in the partner dances.

Favorite routines: Courteny/Josh rumba, Comfort/Twitch hip hop, Will/Katee pas de deux, with the Chelsea/Gev jive just a hair behind them.

I agree with your bottom 4, but I actually think Kherington should go. Comfort's solo was only average, but so was Kherington's, and Comfort just KILLED in the hip hop, whereas Kherington's work in both partner routines was...average. She's probably a better all-around dancer than Comfort, but based on last night I would send her home. And sadly, I think Mark will go. But it's going to be sad for me every week now with the men, because I like all 5 of them so much.

Mertseger said...

See, now my tin-foil hat is firmly in place. I think we're watching the SYTYCD version of Harrison Bergerson. Twitch you and Comfort are both hip-hoppers, and, given that Comfort can't do anything else, you get to do Hip Hop. Katie, we've decided that you and Will will have to DANCE ON A ROWBOAT. We'll see how the rehearsals go, and if it's not spectacular, we MAY take it out of the water tank. Oh, and we lined up an internationally known ballet dancer to give you the technically most difficult dance ever performed on the show. We will have to rely on Will's mysterious anti-charisma shield to prevent you two from melting the entire auditorium. Perhaps dressing Katie as a Romanian gymnast from the Eighties will help as well.

Poor Kherington definitely slipped off the back of the peloton last night. I hope as well that she did not drag Mark down with her, but the guys are fairly well matched at this point. It will be hard to see any of the men go.

None of the women can choreograph themselves for the solos. Chelsie is sadly mired in the same unending Latin hip flares that ultimately eliminated Pasha, Dmitry and Snow. Of the Ballroom dancers, it seems only Benji could resist their allure. Among the guys, only Will's solo was as boring as the girls'.

I didn't vote, but I'm still hoping that Comfort will go home before Kherington even though the Hip Hip routine was second only to the Rumba. For the guys, I'm secretly hoping Will will be banished. He's a better dancer than all the other guys except, perhaps, Josh, but I find all of them a heck of lot more compelling.

Joe Reid said...

So you honestly think the show is stacking the deck AGAINST Katee and Will? ...Really?

I think Kherington's solo was terrible (after a great solo last week), and she was definitely the worst girl THIS WEEK. But Comfort is clearly the weakest girl remaining overall, by a fairly wide margin.

Mertseger said...

Naw, my tongue's firmly in cheek in regards to the dance assignments. I still think it's a funny coincidence, though.

Dear Famous Asshole said...

I simply cannot, CANNOT face the idea of Mark going home. Nope. Not gonna do it. I don't want Gev to leave either, but I will be absolutely wrecked if it is Mark.

I too am on the "peace out" Comfort bandwagon. She did rock it out last night for sure, but for me (and Nigel) that was literally the first time she's done that all season.

Joe: I have the same prob with Kherrington that you do with Will (sidenote: I also find her name to be so ridiculous, it sometimes distracts me from her dancing just thinking about it).

Melissa said...

The thing about Will that bothers me so much is that I see the effort when he's dancing the choreography and his partnering skills are by far the weakest of the remaining men.

Last week, when he and Jessica danced the Adam and Eve piece, every time he picked her up, he shook - like you could see him straining to keep his balance and hoist her skyward. This week, during the pas de deux, he shook when the turns or movements were slow as if it was all he could do to keep his lines and stay upright at the same time.

Earlier in the season, during the disco routine, he dropped Jessica on her head during a suicide spin and the judges said nothing. Last night his hand got in the way of allowing Katee to complete a turn and only one judge mentioned it but didn't point out that it was HIS mistake, not THEIRS.

While Gev and Mark and Twitch and Joshua bring a metric ton of personality and performance to their dances, Will has one expression and it's not even a sincere one.

The judges are much easier on him than they are on any of the other dancers and if it isn't because of the Debbie Allen connection, then I can only assume it's because he's handing out sexual favors right and left because for all of their raving, I just think he's inferior to the other dancers.

StinkyLulu said...

I, too, am sad that Mark's likely to go home and, sadly, through little fault of his own. Kherington really did not do well in either routine and it brought him way down.

I've never been much for Comfort, but she should stay and Kherington should go. And, unless Mark has a really solid fan base that we're not aware of, I think he's gone. (Though I'd much rather see Gev go. I think he's strangely skanky.)

Anonymous said...

Gev & Chelsie's contemporary piece was best of the night for me, followed by Courtney & Josh's rumba. Honestly, the pas de deux was great, and I really like Will, but it did seem kind of cold -- he's a great dancer and I love to watch him, but he lacks something performance wise, especially with the personalities of the other guys; I also hated the Broadway. Oh, Tyce, why are you so inconsistent? I do think Mark's in trouble though -- he had a rough night. He's been so good up till now though, I'd hate to see him leave.

Of the girls, I'd love to see Comfort leave on a relative high note, but Kherington also didn't really bring it and I'm not particularly invested in her, so either way.

Vance said...

Aw CRAP. You were right. Shoot.

I will admit though I did like Will last night and Joshua is one of my faves but yah, Gev and Mark both were my FAVE FAVES mixing both performance and personality in a perfect mix.

Joe Reid said...

Vance, I am devastated. Devastated!

Bo said...

I thought it was kind of cute the way Courtney said Josh was "a man." But then I felt bad for Gev because Gev's a man too, just a really tiny one.